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Fiat-crypto exchange with an integrated digital payment solution

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeApp
WhitepaperBCoin.sg White Paper Open

What is BCoin.sg

Trade Engine - Powered by our proprietary high-performance matching engine, BCoin.sg ensures high transaction throughput with millisecond latency performance. Top-level Security – BCoin.sg uses banking-level encryption, tripartite hosting, multilayer and multi-cluster systems architecture to ensure platform reliability and financial security. The BCoin Wallet will be the bridge to a number of services that can be accessed through a single interface, including Token Sale participation, secure storage of cryptocurrencies, and user access to the BCoin.sg Exchange. 


Pre-sales: Sep 01, 2018 - Nov 01, 2018
Token supply: 75,000,000
Soft cap: 10,000,000USD (fiat)
Hard cap: 45,000,000 USD(fiat)

Token info

Ticker: BCT
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 BCT = 0.5 USD
Bonus program:
Pre-Sale 40% Discount
Phase 1 20% Discount
Phase 2 10% Discount
Phase 3 No Discount
Token distribution:
40% Development
25% Public Sale
25% Public Sale
15% Team& Advisors
Funds allocation:
20% Business Development
20% Product Development
30% ales & Marketing
15% Operations
5% Legal
10% Reserve

BCoin.sg Roadmap

Q4 2017

Project Initiation and Platform development

Q1 2018

Platform Soft Launch and V1 Whitepaper Released

Q2 2018

V2 Whitepaper Released and Platform Upgrading

Q3 2018

Token Generation
Event and Mobile
Trading Launch

Q4 2018

Pilot-test and Wallet Exchange Integration

Q1 2019

Wallet Development and Payment Gateway

Q2 2019

Wallet Launch and Payment Trials

Q3 2019

Card Distribution and Wallet Upgrade

Q4 2019

Product Scaling and New Roadmap

Project team

Davy J GOH (Davy Goh)
Davy J GOH (Davy Goh)
Founder, CEO
Davy J GOH (Davy Goh) linkedin
Ting Shang Ping
Ting Shang Ping
Ting Shang Ping linkedin
Lim Mei Sze Wendy (Wendy Lim)
Lim Mei Sze Wendy (Wendy Lim)
Lim Mei Sze Wendy (Wendy Lim) linkedin
Lae Chung Wah (Ivan Lae)
Lae Chung Wah (Ivan Lae)
Lae Chung Wah (Ivan Lae) linkedin
Liu Mi
Liu Mi
Investor Relations
Liu Mi linkedin
Shayne Tan
Shayne Tan
Investor Relations
Shayne Tan linkedin
Zac Tow
Zac Tow
Zac Tow linkedin
Kenneth Hu
Kenneth Hu
Blockchain Developer
Kenneth Hu linkedin


Dato’ Chew
Dato’ Chew
Technical Advisor (MY)
Dato’ Chew linkedin
Leonard Tan
Leonard Tan
Blockchain Advisor
Leonard Tan linkedin
Chun Heng Yuen
Chun Heng Yuen
Strategy Advisor
Chun Heng Yuen linkedin
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee
Technical Advisor
Stephen Lee linkedin
Paul Griffin
Paul Griffin
Griffin Academic Advisor
Paul Griffin linkedin
Janos Reyes
Janos Reyes
Chief Country Representative (PH)
Janos Reyes linkedin
Chris Cho
Chris Cho
Chief Country Representative (KR)
Chris Cho linkedin
Jun Hao
Jun Hao
Community Advisor
Jun Hao linkedin

Social media

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