BIT.TEAM – is a platform for direct (P2P) user to user exchange of cryptocurrency, acting as guarantor of the transaction secutiry.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperBIT.TEAM White Paper Open

What is BIT.TEAM

BIT.TEAM is a multi-currency P2P platform with the possibility to automate the process of buying/selling cryptocurrencies. The platform at the moment is completed and is under testing. The purpose of the BIT.TEAM platform is to automate and simplify the cryptocurrency sales and purchasing procedures for miners, sellers and buyers. Transactions are made directly between the users, the BIT.TEAM platform acts as guarantor of all transactions: it deposits the cryptocurrency until the deal is confirmed by the parties or until a dispute is resolved by an arbitration service. The main utility of BTT tokens is payment of commission(s) which are present on the platform.


Token supply: 75,000,000


Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2017

Token info

Ticker: BTT
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 BTT = 1 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC ETH DASH
Bonus program:
(5,3,1)% - works during the Token Sales period (after the end of Token Sales the referral program works only for personally invited people); the remuneration is accrued in BTT tokens);
0.05% - from transactions of level 1 users
0.03% - from transactions of level 2 users
0.02% - from transactions of level 3 users
1000 or more tokens - receive a market place voucher in their personal account (The voucher allows to invite a seller of goods to the market place);
the participant who invites the seller receives rewards in tokens (the amount of reward is discussed with the store individually. The voucher allows to post a description article or an interview in the "Top Shop News" section and a general notification to all participants).
Token distribution:
75% - sold on the market
20% - developer team
5% - conduction of Bug Bounty and testing of platform functionality

BIT.TEAM Roadmap

March - May 2018

Backend works, adding new pairs, improving
the mechanism of the exchange.
Improvement of the exchange service
Drawing drafts of the future application
design for all platforms.
Market analysis.
Preparation of marketing strategy.
Preparation of a development plan and
scaling of the service.
Market analysis.

June - August 2018

Private start of service for the owners of
BIT.TEAM tokens (the withdrawal of earned
crypto currency to the platform and the
opportunity to sell.
Testing and improvement of the service
Expansion of the platform functionality.
Development of the financial and security
Development of IT infrastructure.
Development of cross-platform applications.
for access to the decentralized wallet for
digital assets managing.

September - December 2018

Open beta testing of the project and
created applications, the removal of exploits
and bugs.
Improvement and elimination of all defects
found out during the alpha and beta stages.
Preparation of promotional materials for
the promotion of the exchange.
Creation and beginning of active promotion
of social groups, branches on forums,
YouTube channel and other types of Internet

October - December 2018

The official opening of the service, the
launch of active advertising.
Attraction of large players for trading on
the site.

End of ICOQ1 2019

Providing examples of the successful
operation of the service.
The future development of the platform,
the expansion of its functionality.

Project team

Anatoly Berdnikov
Anatoly Berdnikov
Leonova Anastasia Nikolaevna
Leonova Anastasia Nikolaevna
Nikita Veremeyev
Nikita Veremeyev
Complience Officer
Dmitry Stepanov
Dmitry Stepanov
Petru Bantis
Petru Bantis
Ruslan Musliev
Ruslan Musliev
Bolobanova Maria
Bolobanova Maria
Surova Nadezhda
Surova Nadezhda
artem Zverev
artem Zverev
CEO Bitbaza
Evgeny Kitkin
Evgeny Kitkin
CEO Whalesburg


Bolobanova Maria
Bolobanova Maria
Surova Nadezhda
Surova Nadezhda
artem Zverev
artem Zverev
CEO Bitbaza
Evgeny Kitkin
Evgeny Kitkin
CEO Whalesburg

Social media

BIT.TEAM web-siteBIT.TEAM RedditBIT.TEAM MediumBIT.TEAMYouTubeBIT.TEAM TelegramBIT.TEAM InstagramBIT.TEAM TwitterBIT.TEAM FacebookBIT.TEAM Github

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  • Ksenia BorisovaNovember 19, 2023 at 12:13 am

    My colleague at work recommended this exchange, everything suits me, the support is excellent, frequent interesting updates of the exchange, new listings of coins, and the most necessary for me P2P is there, a large community, and just tons of integrations with different projects and sites that is very cool. And there is Decimal blockchain, and different AI bots, which I found useful in my work.

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