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BlueMove is the leading NFT Marketplace on Aptos Blockchain. Home to the next generation of digital creators. Discover the best and latest Aptos NFT collections.

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Project industryArt & Music / NFT / Aptos Ecosystem / Sui Ecosystem
Product typeMarketplace
WhitepaperBlueMove White Paper Open

What is BlueMove

BlueMove is the community-first NFT marketplace on Aptos and Sui Blockchain that actively rewards traders, collectors and creators for participating. BlueMove collects a basic sales fee of 2% (in APT/SUI) on all NFT sales excluding private sales. BlueMove’s Listing Rewards program enables NFT collectors and traders to earn MOVE tokens just by listing NFTs for sale on BlueMove.

MOVE is a utility and governance of BlueMove, which is issued with 2 standards including Aptos and Sui. When you stake MOVE, you also earn additional MOVE on top of the trading fee rewards received in APT/SUI. Staked MOVE tokens are auto-compounded for users that wish to just leave their MOVE tokens staked.


IDO (PancakeSwap Launchpad): Feb 09, 2023 - Feb 09, 2023
Token supply: 300,000,000 MOVE
Total tokens for sale: 10,000,000 MOVE


Blockchain Platform: Aptos, SUI
Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: MOVE
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 MOVE = 0.04 USD
Token distribution:
Airdrop - 3%
Strategic Sale - 13%
Pancakeswap IFO - 3.33%
Syrup Pool (PCS) - 2.67%
Liquidity Management - 2%
Partnerships - 0.33%
Volume Rewards - 35.67%
Staking Rewards - 15%
Founding Team - 15%
Treasury - 10%

Project team

Co-founder and Chief Executive
Dragon Vu
Dragon Vu
Co-founder and Chief Technology
Co-founder, Chief Product Officer
Jack Smith
Jack Smith
Chief Marketing Officer

Social media

BlueMove web-siteBlueMove MediumBlueMoveYouTubeBlueMove TelegramBlueMove TwitterBlueMove FacebookBlueMove Discord


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