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Opulous is a music industry first, launching the next generation of NFTs & peer-to-peer DeFi loans to change how artists get funding & connect with fans.

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Project industryArt & Music
Product typeDeFi

What is Opulous

Opulous is a bespoke tool for the music industry that recognises the value of royalty rights, backing entrepreneurial artists with the financial tools to grow. Through tokenization, the platform will leverage an otherwise illiquid asset, giving artists and other industry bodies the clout they need to raise finance.

As the world’s first peer-to-peer finance platform backed by real-world music copyright assets, Opulous will give industry entities access to financial products, like loans and high-interest accounts, that have previously been denied to them.

Opulous, built by music industry specialists, will run on the blockchain to connect investors with artists needing a loan. Besides the security and efficiency advantages, two crucial elements make Opulous an ideal deployment for blockchain: tokenization and smart contract utility.


Public sales: Jun 30, 2021 - Jul 01, 2021
IDO (Daomaker Launchpad): Jun 12, 2021 - Jun 16, 2021
IDO (Daomaker Launchpad): Sep 15, 2021 - Sep 15, 2021
Token supply: 500,000,000 OPUL
Total tokens for sale: 16,000,000 OPUL
Raised: 6,450,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Algorand

Token info

Ticker: OPUL
Token price in USD: 1 DNXC = 0.05 USD
Token distribution:
Team - 12.5%
Advisors - 5%
Seed Sale - 10%
Private Sale - 13.508%
Public Sale - 7%
Community - 35%
Foundation - 16.992%

Project team

Lee Parsons
Lee Parsons
Lee Parsons linkedin
Miles Carroll
Miles Carroll
Miles Carroll linkedin
Mike Prince
Mike Prince
Mike Prince linkedin
Fernando Cruz
Fernando Cruz
Fernando Cruz linkedin
Mark Fitzgibbon
Mark Fitzgibbon
Mark Fitzgibbon linkedin
Mark Haldon
Mark Haldon
Head of Marketing
Mark Haldon linkedin
Clara Lo
Clara Lo
Business Operations
Clara Lo linkedin


Nick Gatfield
Nick Gatfield
Former Sony Music CEO
Nick Gatfield linkedin
David Garcia
David Garcia
CEO Borderless Capital
David Garcia linkedin
Taylor Bennett
Taylor Bennett
Manager, Chance The Rapper
Michael Kiook Jeoung
Michael Kiook Jeoung
CEO Trustverse
Michael Kiook Jeoung linkedin
Clarence Liu
Clarence Liu
Clarence Liu linkedin
Brad Laurie
Brad Laurie
Blockchain Researcher & Investor
Brad Laurie twitter
Sébastien Lintz
Sébastien Lintz
Revealed Music Label Director

Social media

Opulous web-siteOpulous MediumOpulous TelegramOpulous InstagramOpulous BTCTalkOpulous Twitter

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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