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Bubbled is a decentralized AR cloud allowing individuals, communities, brands and businesses to share Augmented Reality content in real-world locations.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeService
WhitepaperBubbled White Paper Open

What is Bubbled

One of Bubbled’s goals is to provide an infrastructure for developers to enable them to build applications on an existing service rather than duplicating effort and building different solutions for various platforms.

  • Mobile App. Using Unity3d we will create a native Android and iOS App, showing a variety of functions.
  • Desktop App. Every one of the blocks, constructed of the latitude/longitude coordinates the world consists of can be managed. In the long term this functionality will also be part of the mobile app and other solutions.

Bubbled Wallet. To access the services on Bubbled a wallet is required which is compatible with the ERC20 Token Standard.



Pre-sales: Apr 21, 2018 - May 21, 2018
Token supply: 400000000
Soft cap: 1,133,700


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

Token info

Ticker: BBL
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token standard: ERC-20
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
46% - Main sale
15% - Team
15% - Pool to incentivise use and support the ecosystem
5% - Pre-sale
5% - Bounty
5% - Foundations
9% - TGE and legal expenses

Bubbled Roadmap

June 2017

Bubbled Founded.

Q1 2018

Integration of Blocklord (Gamified Airdrop).

Q2 2018

Launch of Land Buying Tool Beta and Land Ownership Dashboard Beta.

Q2 2018

Token Generation Events.

Q4 2018

Launch of Governance Tools.

Q1 2019

Land Marketplace & Land API.

Q3 2019

Launch of cLand (AR Content Management Solution).

Project team

Andre Voisin
Andre Voisin
Chief Executive Officer
Andre Voisin linkedin
Marc Bohm
Marc Bohm
Chief Operating Officer
Marc Bohm linkedin
Nik Ho
Nik Ho
Chief Information Officer
Nik Ho linkedin
Gareth Greenidge
Gareth Greenidge
Head of Marketing
Gareth Greenidge linkedin
Christian Thomae
Christian Thomae
Head of Business Development and Partnerships
Christian Thomae linkedin
Sarah Weissman
Sarah Weissman
Communications Director
Sarah Weissman linkedin
Tobias Weise
Tobias Weise
Content Management Lead
Tobias Weise linkedin
Grace Houldsworth
Grace Houldsworth
Creative Director
Grace Houldsworth linkedin
Shemaliah Goulbourne
Shemaliah Goulbourne
Digital Communications
Shemaliah Goulbourne linkedin
Timothy Clancy
Timothy Clancy
Lead Solidity Developer
Timothy Clancy linkedin
Davide Scalzo
Davide Scalzo
Technical Consultant
Davide Scalzo linkedin
Jeffrey Barrasso
Jeffrey Barrasso
Full-Stack Developer, UX/UI
Jeffrey Barrasso linkedin
Aladin Zahiruddin
Aladin Zahiruddin
Art Director
Aladin Zahiruddin linkedin


Bob Stone
Bob Stone
Director, Human Interface Technologies Team at University of Birmingham (UK)
Bob Stone linkedin
Marcello Milteer
Marcello Milteer
Founder, The Bitcoin Podcast network
Marcello Milteer linkedin
Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose
Founder & CEO, SeedLegals
Anthony Rose linkedin
Tien Ho
Tien Ho
International Investor Relations
Tien Ho linkedin
Ben Gamble
Ben Gamble
CTO, Quincus
Ben Gamble linkedin
Mark Grob
Mark Grob
Immersive Technology Advisor
Mark Grob linkedin
Rachel Jim
Rachel Jim
Community Manager
Rachel Jim linkedin

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