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Cointswap is not just a decentralized exchange, it’s a revolution in cryptocurrency trading And NFTs. It’s more than a DEX, it’s a gateway to a decentralized future in trading.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeDeFi
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What is CointSwap

In a world where centralized exchanges face security concerns, lack of user control, and high fees, Cointswap emerges as the solution.

It's more than a DEX; it's a gateway to a decentralized future in trading.

This introduction sets the stage for an exploration of Cointswap's core principles, advanced technology, and transformative vision.

Core Principles

  • Decentralization for Empowerment
At the heart of Coint & Cointswap is decentralization. Built upon a secure blockchain foundation, our DEX eliminates intermediaries, ensuring users have complete control over their assets. The immutable blockchain ledger guarantees transparency and unassailable security.
  • Hybrid Liquidity Pools
Coint & Cointswap introduces a groundbreaking approach to liquidity pools. We seamlessly merge automated market maker (AMM) algorithms with order book trading, offering users the best of both worlds. This hybrid model ensures unparalleled liquidity, fair price discovery, and decentralization.
  • Interoperable Cross-Chain Trading
Our platform transcends blockchain boundaries, enabling users to trade assets across different blockchain networks. This interoperability unlocks new possibilities for cross-chain swaps, asset diversification, and inclusivity for users across the cryptocurrency spectrum.
  • User-Centric Governance
Coint & Cointswap embraces decentralized governance. Our governance model empowers token holders to actively participate in shaping the platform's future. Propose changes, vote on significant decisions, and ensure community-driven evolution.
  • Privacy-Centric Solutions
Privacy matters in decentralized finance. Coint & Cointswap is committed to integrating privacy-centric solutions, allowing users to trade and transact with enhanced security and confidentiality.


Registration year: 2023

CointSwap Roadmap

2023 : Foundation & Growth

Objective : Build a strong foundation and introduce the COINT token.

  • Quarter 3 , 4 : Inception & Research
    • Assemble a diverse team and conduct market research.
    • Define the project's mission and vision.
    • testnet & debug cointswap
    • Develop the core platform with security and scalability in mind.
  • Quarter 4 : Technical Infrastructure & COINT Token Launch
    • Conduct alpha testing and gather user feedback.
    • Initiate community-building efforts through social media and forums.
    • Launch Coint DEX.
    • Marketing & development and grow coint social media.
    • Launch the COINT token via a xxxx distribution mechanism.
2024: Expansion & Innovation

Objective : Expand the Coint ecosystem and introduce innovative features.

  • Quarter 1.1: New Platform Beta Development & Security Audits
    • Transition to beta development with advanced features.
    • Collaborate with security firms for audits and prepare for mainnet.
    • Initiate planning and research for the integration of NFT functionalities within the Coint ecosystem.
  • Quarter 1.2 : Beta Launch, Cross-Chain Integration, and NFT Fractionalization
    • Launch a robust beta version with core features, cross-chain compatibility, and NFT integration.
    • Implement dynamic liquidity pools for optimized capital efficiency.
    • Initiate planning and research for the integration of NFT functionalities within the Coint ecosystem.
  • Quarter 2 : Liquidity Growth, Yield Farming, and NFT Integration
    • Attract liquidity providers with innovative yield farming programs.
    • Establish liquidity bootstrapping initiatives for deeper pools.
    • Initiate planning and research for the integration of NFT functionalities within the Coint ecosystem.
  • Quarter 2.1 : NFT Launchpad Development
    • Initiate the development of an NFT launchpad within the Coint ecosystem, facilitating the creation, management, and launch of NFT projects.
    • Begin development of the NFT infrastructure, including smart contract templates and user-friendly tools for NFT creation, management, and trading.
  • Quarter 3 : Launch NFT Launchpad
    • Launch the NFT launchpad and NFT marketplace, enabling artists and creators to mint, showcase, and sell their NFTs through a user-friendly platform.

Project team

Liam Thorne
Liam Thorne
CEO and Founder
Liam Thorne twitter
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Goldenbull twitter
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson
Head of Product Development
Gary volcano
Gary volcano
Head of Marketing
Michael patel
Michael patel
Head of Security and Compliance
Community Engagement Manager
Zephyr twitter
Noah Waverley
Noah Waverley
Blockchain Developer
Noah Waverley twitter

Social media

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