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Connect will develop and deploy a social media application based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typeApp
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What is Connect Social

This platform will rival current social media standards by creating a decentralised network for users while maintaining full transparency throughout growth and beyond.

Token Proposition Connect is a necessary commodity that is required to access certain functions on the Connect Network. These digital Tokens act primarily as a form of data & medium of exchange, but have a value proposition based on two other key concepts.

Proof Of Influence Influence: Staking Connect Digital Tokens in the form of Influence allows access to advanced features and adds more weight to user’s vote on the distribution of content payouts and rewards.


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Australia
Office address: 3/34 Florence St TeneriffeBrisbane 4005

Token info

Ticker: CONCT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
50% - Connect network
25% - 1st ITO
15% - Team
10% - Seed period

Connect Social Roadmap

Q1 2018

Website Relaunch
Referral Program (Earn Connect)
White Paper
Blockchain Development/Plasma Implementation
App Development/Design
Connect Public Development Forum Launch
Scalability Research (Sharding, off-chain scaling)

Q2 2018

Initial Coin Offering / Digital Token Sale
Connect iOS Public Alpha (low cap user base)
UX testing
Research and development ongoing with community and Alpha Test

Q3 2018

iOS Alpha Test Conclusion
iOS Beta Test - 100 000 testers
Android Alpha + Beta
Heavy economy and user experience issues research and solution implementation
Integration with other Ethereum services to add increased functionality (ENS, OmiseGo, Status etc)

Q4 2018

Connect iOS + Android Release
KYC users only at initial stage
Feature research and community feedback


Connect Content Framework for Ethereum
Connect Content Economy service for content creators (music streaming, video streaming and other social content delivery services)
Full scale Connect Social decentralised social economy on Ethereum

Project team

Scott Richards
Scott Richards
CEO & Co-founder
Mark Francis
Mark Francis
Patrick Heaton
Patrick Heaton
Nate Van Dore
Nate Van Dore
Content Creator
Jacob Knights
Jacob Knights
Solidity Developer
Dylan Fox
Dylan Fox
User Experience Manager/Full Stack Developer
Jerome Kyriakidis
Jerome Kyriakidis
Marketing Director
Josh Baker
Josh Baker
Content Creator/Graphic DesignerAdvisors


Lucas Cullen
Lucas Cullen
John Mangan
John Mangan
John Flood
John Flood
Michael Trott
Michael Trott
Steve Constanti
Steve Constanti
Aaron McEwan
Aaron McEwan

Social media

Connect Social web-siteConnect Social MediumConnect Social TelegramConnect Social LinkedInConnect Social TwitterConnect Social Facebook

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