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A decentralized gambling platform with built-in cryptographic method for randomizing outcomes

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Project industryGambling & Betting
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Technical details

Contingency Coins (CTY) is an ethereum meta-token. To ensure the crowdsale goes smoothly, founders are using a modified version of the pre-sale smart-contract which was tested and executed well. Founders anticipate a Contingency`s public beta release by September 2017.

What is Contingency

- Users will be able to bet ether or any ERC20 standard token - Users will be able to become a ‘banker’ and have other users try their luck against them (‘banker’ will take advantage of the house edge) - Low house edge: 1% (casino`s long-term advantage over player) - Users will be able to create their own games for others to play on - Cryptographic randomizer to ensure the integrity and fairness of their games - Players and bankers are always in control of their own cryptocurrency, and never have to send them to third parties.

Token info

Ticker: CTY
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
There is no supply cap on CTY; however, CTY will only be created during the ICO. 10% of the CTY sold during the sale period will be reserved for the development team. These funds will be locked in a smart contract for one year to act as a long term incentive to the founding team.

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