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Crypto Noda is a Master node connection and analytics Platform.

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Project industryData Analytics
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperCrypto Noda Platform White Paper Open

What is Crypto Noda Platform

Crypto Noda is the automated hosting service for connection, activation, analytics and maintenance of masternode. The mission of Crypto Noda is to make earnings on masternode technology available to the public. Service CRYPTO NODA offers a set of original solutions that will help to save time and money, to explore the features and reduce the risks of connecting to a low-liquid master node, to increase the stability of the yield remuneration of the master node, to calculate the profitability of coins and analyze the risks when connecting masternode according to the specified criteria.


Token supply: 17,076,800
Hard cap: 5,200 USD(fiat)

Token info

Ticker: CNOD
Type: Utility-token
Bonus program:
0-2600 ETH collected - discount 5%
Token distribution:
65% - Token sale
15% - Pre-sale
10% - Team
5% - Private sale
3% - Advisors
2% - Airdrop/Bounty

Crypto Noda Platform Roadmap

March 2018

Idea creation, team building.

April 2018

Preparation of technical specifications.

May 2018

Finalization of the idea. Determining the timing of implementation.

June 2018

Evaluation of the cost of developing the functional. Create Whitepaper.

July 2018

Attraction of advisers, developers. Creation of a site for conducting Private-Sale. Video appeal.

August-September 2018

Private-sale, collection 400 ETH + report. Launch of the first round of Airdrop.

October 2018

Beginning of work on creating a platform. Conducting Pre-sale.

November 2018

Pre-sale collection 1200 ETH + report. Beta test platform.

December-January 2018-2019

Token-sale collection 5200 ETH + report, completion of ICO and Airdrop.

February 2019

The launch of the platform Crypto Noda. The calculation of tokens, the token listing on the exchange.

Project team

Andrey Kiselev
Andrey Kiselev
Business Development, Co-Founder
Andrey Kiselev linkedin
Sergey Goncharov
Sergey Goncharov
Co-Founder, CEO
Sergey Goncharov linkedin
Beknazar Tnymbaev
Beknazar Tnymbaev
Technical Director Team Lead, Full-stack developer, blockchain developer.
Beknazar Tnymbaev linkedin
Miras Zhanatov
Miras Zhanatov
Senior Web, UI Designer
Miras Zhanatov linkedin
Miras Zhanatov
Miras Zhanatov
Senior Web, UI Designer
Miras Zhanatov linkedin
Vasiliy Ryibakov
Vasiliy Ryibakov
Front-End developer
Vasiliy Ryibakov linkedin
Artem Oshmarov
Artem Oshmarov
Engineer-programmer Back-end, Python, PHP, Javascript developer
Artem Oshmarov linkedin
Osipov Artem
Osipov Artem
Community manager
Osipov Artem facebook
Victoria Trusova
Victoria Trusova
Victoria Trusova linkedin

Social media

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