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Glory Games is a play-to-earn project aimed at bringing game-fi to the masses.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeMetaverse
WhitepaperGlory Games Worlds White Paper Open
OnepagerGlory Games Worlds Onepager Open

What is Glory Games Worlds

Glory Games Worlds is a metaverse that connects communities through offline AR treasure hunt and online on-chain competitive play. An amalgamation of PokemonGo, Final Fantasy 8 and Sword Art Online, our vision for Glory Lands metaverse is a mixed reality hangout for communities in-real-life and online.

Players play Glory Games together and form communities in real-life, and into the metaverse too along with the pets. There are multiple things things to do in-game:

  • PVP tournament leagues, where players participate with $GLORY tokens and play to win prize pools.
  • PVP ante/ bet mode: Players can bet their NFT pet to win another player's NFT.
  • Guild wars: players form guilds through NFT land-castle system and compete for turf. Tiered battle systems allow guilds to compete for higher rewards refresh rates through "invasions"
  • Story-based PVE (player vs environment) whereby collective actions affect overall outcomes, based on Prisoners' Dilemma scenarios Game Theory.
  • Gamified staking: players decision to stake also affects the overall PVE world dimensions and events.


Pre-sale token supply: 60,000,000 GLORY
Token supply: 500,000,000 GLORY
Total tokens for sale: 80,000,000 GLORY


Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: GLORY
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: GLORY 1 = 0,085 USD
Token distribution:
20% - Team
2% - Advisor
8% - Private Round
4% - Pre-IDO
4% - IDO
1% - CEX
32% - P2E/Staking
5% - Liquidity
5% - Marketing
6% - Ecosystem
10% - Treasury
3% - Community Events

Glory Games Worlds Roadmap

Q1 Jan-Mar Phase0
  • Game Engine
  • Gamefi P2E Mechanics
  • Marketing Channels
  • Art Concept
  • Tokenomics/Whitepaper
Q2 Mar-May Phase 1
  • Mint Machine + Page
  • Gen 0 Founders NFT Sales
  • Avatar Summoner NFTs Release
  • Design Pet + Avatar Art Concepts
  • Airdrops for NFT Holders
  • 3D Assets Ramp Up
  • NFT Sales Founders Sales 2
  • Private + IDO token Release
Q2 Jun-Aug Phase 2
  • Release 2 New Pet + Avatar
  • Pet Training System (AR)
  • AR app for Alpha Community
  • NFT Marketplace Token Staking + Raffle
  • NFT Pet/Avatar Sales
  • Secondary Market Trading
  • Token Staking
Q3 Aug-Oct Phase 3
  • PVP Development
  • Release 2 New Pet + Avatar
  • NFT Land Sales
  • Official Release AR App
  • In-game scholarship
  • NFT Pet Breeding
  • NFT Land Sales
  • Scholarship/NFT Rental
Q4 Nov-Dec Phase 4
  • Tavern Launch
  • PVE Quests
  • In-game scholarship
  • PVP Beta
  • Dex Launch
  • BIn-game economy
  • Defi/LP position
  • Play and Earn
Q1 Jan-Mar Phase 5
  • PVP Launch
  • PVE Story Play
  • PVE Phase 2 Dev
  • Mini Games
  • PVP Tournament
  • Tournament Prizes

Project team

Ignatius "Game Master"
CTO, Co-Founder
Jeremy Lai
Jeremy Lai
CEO, Co-Founder. Marketing Lead
Jeremy Lai linkedin
Mauro Liu
Mauro Liu
Blockchain Lead Developer
Vlad Contura
Vlad Contura
Solidity Developer
3D Sculptor
Kyra Lim
Kyra Lim
Strategy & Growth Lead (France)
Growth Lead (Indonesia)
Growth Lead (Vietnam)

Social media

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