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Ideavis (IVC)

Mar 01, 2021 – Apr 21, 2021
Ongoing IEO
Token sale: Mar 15, 2021 – Apr 21, 2021

IDEAVIS is a revolutionary crypto coin, that is based on the proof-of-work and the proof-of-stake algorithms to guarantee the ultimate security within the network. An extraordinary cryptocurrency, that is made to work for and with its community.

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Project industryOther
Product typeCryptocurrency

What is Ideavis

Ideavis Coin derives its name from a conjugation of two powerful words, Ideas and Vision. True to its name, to the core of the philosophy that has inspired the creation of the Ideavis coins is a committed effort to foster a community-driven platform that would contribute to further the development of shapeshifting innovative ideas.

Disrupting the current trends, Ideavis Coin aims at bringing together cryptocurrency stakeholders from across the spectrum to propel new ideas and introduce structural changes to push cryptocurrencies closer to its mainstream adoption. In a nutshell, Ideavis Coins will be the future of community-driven reward-based cryptocurrencies.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, Ideavis Coin offers unique value proposition to its users by offering a threefold advantage:

  • Ideavis Coin users get to benefit from consistent rewards through a defined profit sharing mechanism which provides for a passive income to all Ideavis coin users.
  • Ideavis Coin empowers its users as it allows them active role in shaping the Ideavis Coin business model as decision making is fully decentralized and community-based. The community has all the potential to decide the future of Ideavis Coins.
  • Ideavis Coin offers multiple unique and value added features like free peer to peer fund transfer, monthly rewards and benefits, enhanced flexibility by offering 3 distinct IDEAVIS COIN products including, a dedicated mining farm, an innovative investment corridor and advanced Ideavis Coin APP
  • The Ideavis Coins is developed as a go-to progressive cryptocurrency for both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and seasoned investors eliminating the complexities and risks that one faces with traditional cryptocurrencies. Most importantly, Ideavis Coin ecosystem is robust and highly secure with ability to process multiple transactions in fraction of a second. The Ideavis Coin consensus mechanisms is two-fold; proof of work (PoW), the acquisition of Ideavis Coins and proof of stake (PoS) the Idea Vision corporate entity.

    The Ideavis Coin platform also offers an interactive and easy-to-follow interface making it easier for users, particularly for those lacking an advance experience with using cryptocurrencies. While the Ideavis Coin App allows users to store and exchange cryptocurrencies, it features a highly secure open source wallet, peer-to-peer fund transfer, exchange and purchase of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Ethereum, voting mechanism to participate in decision making processes, and more.


    Pre-sales: Feb 20, 2021 - Mar 01, 2021
    Public sales: Mar 01, 2021 - Apr 21, 2021
    IEO (p2pb2b Launchpad): Mar 15, 2021 - Apr 21, 2021
    Token supply: 39,000,000,000 IVC
    Total tokens for sale: 14,100,000,000 IVC
    Soft cap: 6,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD


    Registration country: Germany
    Registration year: 2019
    Office address: Hünenburgstraße 80 59872 Meschede - Germany

    Token info

    Ticker: IVC
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Token price in USD: 1 IVC= 0,02 FSN
    Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
    Bonus program:
    PRIVAT SELL - 100 % bonus
    ICO 1st - 50% bonus
    ICO 2nd - 30% bonus
    ICO 3rd - 20% bonus
    ICO 4th - 10% bonus
    Token distribution:
    Global Expansion - 45%
    Profit distribution to Holders - 39%
    Charity - 11%
    Team - 5%

    Offices on the map

    Ideavis Roadmap

    20. February 2021

    Start Private Sale

    01. March 2021

    Start of ICO

    21. April 2021

    Exchange Listing

    May 2021


    June 2021

    Start Mining Farm

    September 2021

    Special Projekt

    December 2022

    Investment Project

    Project team

    Senol Baksi
    Senol Baksi
    Founder & CEO
    Senol Baksi linkedin
    Tanju Baksi
    Tanju Baksi
    Mastermind CKO
    Tanju Baksi linkedin
    Besim Maxharraj
    Besim Maxharraj
    Besim Maxharraj linkedin
    Willi Buss
    Willi Buss
    Director of Engineering
    Willi Buss linkedin
    Eren Hatir
    Eren Hatir
    Eren Hatir linkedin
    Sergej Iwanow
    Sergej Iwanow
    David Carter
    David Carter
    André Rossi
    André Rossi

    Social media

    Ideavis web-siteIdeavis RedditIdeavis MediumIdeavisYouTubeIdeavis TelegramIdeavis InstagramIdeavis BTCTalkIdeavis LinkedInIdeavis TwitterIdeavis FacebookIdeavis Github


    App storeGoogle Play

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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