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Lingo is building the gamified, RWA-powered rewards ecosystem for the next billion in Web3. The main goal is to reward the community with real-world benefits consistently and exponentially, powered by real-world assets that generate true value for the ecosystem.

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Project industryOther
Product typeCryptocurrency
WhitepaperLingo White Paper Open

What is Lingo

Lingo is an entirely new model of generating tangible community rewards supported by Real World Assets.

Lingo's business model relies on platform fee that are later reinvested into Real World Assets, which generate consistent value, adding up to the rewards pool with compounding growth.

The premise of Lingo is very simple: To create an ever-growing rewards ecosystem that generates real-world community rewards, regardless of token and market volatility.

$LINGO is primarily a utility token with perspectives of also becoming a governance token at a later stage, whose purpose is to reward users with real-world rewards, and vote for the next reward pool.


Public sales: Jun 27, 2024 - Jul 04, 2024
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 LINGO
Raised: 11,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Solana, Base

Token info

Ticker: LINGO
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 LINGO = 0.15 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH

Lingo Roadmap

  • Onboarded team, strategic advisors, and board
  • $10 million raisedf from top Web3 Investors & VCs like David An, Chris Zaknun, Cyrus Fazel, Morning Star Ventures and GBV.
  • Smart contract development & audit
  • Product architecture signed off
  • MVP UX/UI & gamified mechanisms design completed
  • Partnership with Fizen and hotel chains resulting in brands redeemable for 3,000+ brands across 80+ countries
  • 700k+ community members / waiting list
  • Secured marketing contracts with 200+ ambassadors and Web3 KOLs
  • MVP launch
  • Token launch on tier 1 CEX and DEX
  • Rewards claim platform launched
  • x4 community size has been done
  • Full reward platform launched with gamified integration
  • DAO to let the community decide on RWA acquisitions and rewards
  • Expand RWA acquisitions to lifestyle assets
  • Holisitic integration with cash-back model in rewards ecosystem partners
  • Lingo SAAS loyalty platform for ecosystem partners

Project team

Hassam-Moussa (HM) Rawat
Hassam-Moussa (HM) Rawat
Co-Founder & CEO
Hassam-Moussa (HM) Rawat linkedin
David Amsellem
David Amsellem
Co-Founder & Chairman
David Amsellem linkedin
Adrien Hidalgo
Adrien Hidalgo
Chief Technology Officer
Adrien Hidalgo linkedin
Milan Amin
Milan Amin
Chief Marketing Officer
Milan Amin linkedin
Vincent Hoffmann
Vincent Hoffmann
Head of Community
Vincent Hoffmann linkedin
Daniel Kuczowski
Daniel Kuczowski
Head of Growth
Daniel Kuczowski linkedin
Adnan Khaled
Adnan Khaled
Community Manager
Adnan Khaled linkedin
Mikash Hassamal
Mikash Hassamal
Mikash Hassamal linkedin
Cindy Anton
Cindy Anton
Chief Commercial Officer
Cindy Anton linkedin
Ana Beatha C.
Ana Beatha C.
Operations Manager
Ana Beatha C. linkedin
Righen Peroumal
Righen Peroumal
Lead Backend Developer
Righen Peroumal linkedin
Chavi Joshan Surujbhali
Chavi Joshan Surujbhali
Full Stack Blockchain Engineer
Chavi Joshan Surujbhali linkedin
Ishant Ayadassen
Ishant Ayadassen
Business Development
Ishant Ayadassen linkedin


Paul Bunting
Paul Bunting
SMB director @ Microsoft
Rachel Howes
Rachel Howes
ex-Managing Director,
Adrien Delaroche
Adrien Delaroche
Principal Architect Web3@ Google Cloud
Adrien Delaroche linkedin

Social media

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