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LogisticsX is a blockchain-based logistics platform.

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Project industryTransport
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperLogisticsX White Paper Open

What is LogisticsX

LogisticsX will introduce the concept of freelancers delivering parcels on an adhoc basis (“Runners”) between the collection points and end recipients. Freelancers may also opt to use free spaces in their homes or shops to operate parcel collection points (“Parker Points”). These freelancers operating these spaces will be referred to as parkers (“Parkers”). LogisticsX will develop trustless connect (“Trustless Connect”), a decentralised system that will allow for timestamping and real-time location tracking of parcels.  The Logisticsx platform intends for their first partner to be Park N Parcel. For each parcel collected or delivered with LogisticsX, the Parker or Runner will receive certain PNP Tokens, subject to periodic adjustments. Additionally, once every year, an additional reward will be given.


Token supply: 400,000,000
Soft cap: 2,000,000USD (fiat)
Hard cap: 11,000,000 USD(fiat)


Blockchain Platform: ICON
Registration country: Singapore

Token info

Ticker: PNP
Type: Utility-token
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
40% - Token Sales
20% - Company Reserves
20% - Community Reserves
15% - Team and Advisors
5% - Listing Fees
Funds allocation:
50% - Development
20% - Operations
20% - Marketing
10% - Expansions & Partnerships

LogisticsX Roadmap

Q2 2018

Finalise partnership with Park N Parcel
1st Developers Meetup for LogisticsX
LogisticsX signs partnership MOU with Blue Whale Foundation (BWX)

Q3 2018

LogisticsX Token Generation Event (TGE)
Kick off event in Korea with Blue Whale Foundation (1st Annual Summit)

Q4 2018

LogisticsX 2nd Developers Meet up
Development of Trustless Connect
PoC Integration with founding partners
LogisticsX Partnership - Sharing Economy Industry in South-East Asian countries

Q1 2019

Beta launch of LogisticsX Dencentralized Network - Trustless Connect

Q2 2019

LogisticsX Service Offering in select countries in Asia
Development on Blue Whale Foundation's dApp

Q3 2019

LogisticsX launches Delivery Runner service, powered by Trustless Connect
Increase in partnerships sharing economy platforms throughout SEA

Q4 2019

Integration with Blue Whale Foundation MainNet
PoC of ReBa & CAM utilising Blue Whale's ecosystem

Project team

Tan Gan Hong
Tan Gan Hong
Chief Executive Officer
Tan Gan Hong linkedin
Cheong Wei Keat (Erik)
Cheong Wei Keat (Erik)
Chief Operating Officer
Cheong Wei Keat (Erik) linkedin
Victor Heng
Victor Heng
Chief Technology Officer
Victor Heng linkedin
Joel Toh
Joel Toh
Blockchain Lead
Joel Toh linkedin
Joel Liu
Joel Liu
Software Developer
Joel Liu linkedin
Jocelyn Chong
Jocelyn Chong
Marketing & Communications Manager
Jocelyn Chong linkedin
Bryan Zhou
Bryan Zhou
Sales Manager
Bryan Zhou linkedin
Zheng Sheng Vong
Zheng Sheng Vong
Operations Manager
Zheng Sheng Vong linkedin
Chin Pin Yee
Chin Pin Yee
Business Dev MAnager
Chin Pin Yee linkedin


Christopher Quek
Christopher Quek
Managing Partner, TRIVE
Christopher Quek linkedin
Bryan See Toh
Bryan See Toh
CEO, Park N Parcel Partner of LogisticsX
Bryan See Toh linkedin
Hawon Chung
Hawon Chung
COO, Blue Whale Partner of LogisticsX
Hawon Chung linkedin
Alexandra Sham
Alexandra Sham
Country Manager, DHL eCommerce Japan
Alexandra Sham linkedin
Patrick Wong
Patrick Wong
Country Manager, GOGOVAN Singapore
Patrick Wong linkedin
James Ng
James Ng
Country Manager, Aramex Singapore
James Ng linkedin

Social media

LogisticsX web-siteLogisticsX MediumLogisticsX TelegramLogisticsX Twitter

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