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Orders.Exchange is a Decentralized Exchange for BRC-20 totally built on Bitcoin. You can trade, list and inscribe your BRC-20 token.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperOrders.Exchange White Paper Open

What is Orders.Exchange

Orders is the first decentralized exchange (DEX) with orderbooks that fully operates on the Bitcoin network. It harnesses the full potential of Bitcoin's Layer 1 capabilities, powered by a combination of Ordinals protocol, PSBT technology, Bitcoin scripts, and the revolutionary Nostr protocol. Welcome to the future of Bitcoin-based DeFi with comprehensive support for BRC-20 Tokens.

At Orders.Exchange, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what Bitcoin can achieve. Through meticulous development, we have unveiled the incredible possibilities that arise from the synergy between Bitcoin's PSBT technology and the Ordinals protocol. Prepare to witness a trustless ORDERBOOK DEX, Liquidity Pool, SWAP DEX, and LaunchPad, all encapsulated within the ingenious Nostr framework, leveraging its Relay nodes to redefine Bitcoin-based DeFi.

Six months ago, the prevailing belief dictated that Bitcoin was incapable of minting NFTs; three months ago, skeptics denied the existence of Bitcoin Tokens. Prior to the launch of Orders.Exchange, doubts prevailed regarding Bitcoin's ability to support DeFi. However, we hold firm in our conviction that it will soon become evident that Bitcoin has far surpassed its initial expectations, showcasing remarkable capabilities beyond imagination.


IEO (Gate Launchpad): Dec 20, 2023 - Dec 21, 2023
Token supply: 100,000,000 RDEX


Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: RDEX
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 RDEX = 0.78 USD
Token distribution:
45% - Liquidity & Liquidity Rewards
40% - Airdrop
10% - Early Contributors
4% - CEX & Orders Liquidity
1% - Initial RDEX Liquidity Pool

Orders.Exchange Roadmap

  • Alpha Release Phase: Roll out the Orders Alpha version featuring the new pool functionality.
  • Introduction of BRC20 Liquidity Pool: Unveil the world’s first BRC20 compliant, trustless and decentralized liquidity pool functionality. This feature lays the foundation for secure and decentralized BRC20 asset exchange.
  • Beta Release Phase: Launch the Beta version of Orders with an updated and user-friendly interface. The updated UI aims to enhance user experience and encourage wider adoption. Marketing initiatives will also be rolled out following the release of the Beta version to further promote Orders and attract a larger user base.
2023 Q4
  • NOSTR Protocol Release: Introduce the NOSTR Protocol as a critical milestone for exploring interoperability and comprehensive decentralization in BTC-Fi.
  • Launch of $RDEX on Prominent CEXs: Orders has already signed contracts with relevant CEXs, initially aiming to promote the listing of $RDEX in multiple prominent CEXs throughout December. In addition, to further expand market outreach, various listing events will also be organized.
  • Support for More Wallets: Adapt to more wallets to meet the diverse needs of more users. This quarter, we plan to integrate with MetaLet and OKX wallets.
2024 Q1
  • Launch the LaunchPad and Inscribe Feature: Launch the LaunchPad and Inscribe features to expand Orders' user base, meet more user needs, and extend the uses of $RDEX as the first utility BRC20 token.
  • Support the ASK/BID Orders for Ordinals NFTs: Enhance platform capabilities by supporting trading of Ordinals NFTs with ASK and BID order types, catering to the transactional needs of various user profiles, and improving trading efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Support for MVC-Ordinals: Offer full-scale support for the MVC-ORD initiative, aiming to explore new possibilities within the BTC-Fi landscape. This stage intends to strengthen Orders as a versatile platform for decentralized financial activities, with a primary focus on the Bitcoin ecosystem. Additionally, this phase aims to address the major pain points of high fees and low transaction speeds on the Bitcoin mainnet.
  • Launch a Cross-Chain Bridge: Launch a cross-chain bridge designed for the seamless interchange of Ordinals assets, including BRC20 tokens, between Bitcoin's mainnet and its secondary layer, MVC.
  • Expand Partnerships to Build an Interconnected DEX Network: Leverage the Nostr protocol to expand partnerships and seek collaboration with prominent DEXs such as OKX and Unisat, aiming for interoperability. By integrating with the Nostr protocol, users' BRC20 token and Ordinals NFT orders can circulate across different DEXs. This enables orders created on a single platform to be executed on other exchanges, enhancing trading efficiency.

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