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Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO

Past ICO
Feb 18, 2019 – Mar 19, 2019

Pledgecamp uses blockchain technology to promote trust and cooperation between backers and creators. Pledgecamp will give millions of entrepreneurs an opportunity to connect globally around their projects.

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Hype score Medium
Risk score NA
Investment rating NA Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO icobench 4.2 / 5 Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO icomarks 9.5 / 10 Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO trackico 4.8 / 5 Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO icoholder NA
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Project industry Crowdfunding & Lending
Product type Platform
Founded Cayman Islands


Pledgecamp utilizes blockchain technology to offer Backer Insurance, an escrow wallet framework that allows users to self-regulate without requiring intermediaries.

A Pledgecamp native token also incentivizes engagement with the platform, and aligns all users to act in the interests of the group as a whole.

Pledgecamp include Backer Insurance to protect users, a token-reward driven economy that engages and aligns user incentives, and a focus on supporting entrepreneurs before, during, and after campaigns with services and partnerships that entrepreneurs will not find on other platforms.

ICO Details

Pre-ICO token supply: 10,000,000,000 PLG
ICO token supply: 20,000,000,000 PLG
Total tokens for sale: 300,000,000 PLG
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD
Raised: 17,000,000 USD


ICO Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: USA, China, North Korea, Iran, Bangladesh,
Nepal, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, Syria
Registration country: Cayman Islands

Token info

Ticker: PLG
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 PLG = 0.0001 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC

Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO Roadmap

Q1 2018

Inception: Team & Advisors Assembled
Market Research under National Science Foundation

Q2 2018

Top-10 FIA Finalist, Keynote by Riccardo “Fluffypony” Spagni
Pledgecamp on Main Stage at Forbes Impact Summit

Q3 2018

Secured Humanity 2.0, Laudato Si’ Challenge, MetaLab partnerships
Appearance on Fox Business News live broadcast

Q4 2018

Kick-off Discovery phase with MetaLab
Prototype Development and Launch with MouseBelt

Q1 2019

Advanced Wireframes delivery with MetaLab
Begin Final Platform Implementation with Mousebelt

Q2 2019

Final UX/UI Delivery with MetaLab
Market Network & Knowledge Center Beta Implementation

Q3 2019

Market Network & Knowledge Center Beta Implementation
Platform Backend, Smart Contract MVP Implementation

Q4 2019

Full Platform Launch

Project team

CEO in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 1
Jae Hoon Choi
President in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 2
Edmond Jaehyun Lee
CTO in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 3
Sam Pullman
Blockchain Engineer in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 4
John Fitzpatrick
Blockchain Engineer
Frontend in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 5
Thomas Leupp
Smart Contracts in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 6
William Starr
Smart Contracts
UX/UI Designer in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 7
Darryl Boediarto
UX/UI Designer
Operations Manager in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 8
Tania Grebennique
Operations Manager


 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 9
Randi Zuckerberg
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 10
Matt Currcio
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 11
Keith Teare
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 12
Ryan Scott
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 13
Ryu Jung Hee
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 14
Christian Sullivan
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 15
SungJae Hwang
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 16
Ed Kim
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 17
Jim Augustine
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 18
Prince Abdullah
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 19
Alan Chang
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 20
Reshma Sohoni
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 21
Patrick Yang
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 22
Spencer Yang
 in Pledgecamp (PLG) ICO - 23
Jinen Kamdar

Social media

Web-site Reddit Medium YouTube Telegram Instagram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook github

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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