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Ideaology (IDEA)


An open-source blockchain project on Ethereum, dedicated to connecting developers, community and investors.

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Project industryCrowdfunding & Lending
Product typePlatform


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What is Ideaology

A platform where ambitious people can lean on their peers to grow and create a successful life for themselves. That’s my ultimate objective.

Our solution combines the three elements necessary to take a business to the next level: Blockchain technology, a Blockhain

Launchpad and, last but not least, IDEAOLOGY project founding.

Because we believe in fairness, IDEAOLOGY enables all of you to offer work/assets/solutions, develop ideas, gather team, star and grow projects. And all with one token: IDEA.

Through the IDEAOLOGY platform, developers will be able to collaborate between different projects as well as trade templates and educate each other. Creating one big community, they will help each other and act as a self-sufficient ecosystem. Community members will also have an option to support kickstart projects, hire freelancers, buy creative assets, lock coins, earn dividends, and much more.


IEO ( Launchpad): Jan 26, 2021 - Feb 05, 2021
IEO (p2pb2b Launchpad): Dec 01, 2020 - Dec 15, 2020
Token supply: 500,000,000 IDEA
Total tokens for sale: 270,000,000 IDEA
Soft cap: 1,400,000 USD
Hard cap: 19,160,000 USD
Raised: 300,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Switzerland
Office address: Industriestrasse 24, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Token info

Ticker: IDEA
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 IDEA = 0.09 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, USDT
Bonus program:
Presale - 22% discount on token price
Token distribution:
Tokens Sale - 54%
Platform development - 30%
Reward program - 6%
Marketing - 5%
Team- 3%
Operations - 2%

Ideaology Roadmap

Q4 2019
  • Research
  • Concept developement
  • Team forming
  • 2
    Q1 2020
  • Whitepaper
  • Office & Incorporation
  • Community Engagement & Rewarding Programs development
  • 3
    Q2 2020
  • Project Launch
  • MVP Development start
  • Team Expansion
  • 4
    Q3 2020
  • Launchpad BETA and testing
  • Launchpad v1.0
  • Switzerland incorporation
  • 5
    Q4 2020
  • MVP beta launch
  • Private Sale
  • IEO Round 1 Start
  • 6
    Q1 2021
  • Launchpad ready to use
  • IEO Round 2 start
  • Listing on exchanges
  • Project team

    Khaled Alkalbani
    Khaled Alkalbani
    Founder & CEO
    Khaled Alkalbani linkedin
    Amar Kovačević
    Amar Kovačević
    Co-founder & CTO
    Amar Kovačević linkedin
    Anita Erker
    Anita Erker
    Anita Erker linkedin
    Mac Ocampo
    Mac Ocampo
    Mac Ocampo linkedin
    Danilo Polovina
    Danilo Polovina
    Marketing Assistant
    Danilo Polovina linkedin
    Matija Minović
    Matija Minović
    Brand & Design Specialist
    Matija Minović linkedin
    Md. Zil
    Md. Zil
    Community Happiness Specialist
    Md. Zil linkedin
    Sabir Arora
    Sabir Arora
    Tech Lead
    Sabir Arora linkedin
    Justin Bevan
    Justin Bevan
    Full stack Developer
    Justin Bevan linkedin
    Vijay Vyas
    Vijay Vyas
    Software Engineer/Architect
    Vijay Vyas linkedin
    Jyoti Mishra
    Jyoti Mishra
    Scrum Master
    Jyoti Mishra linkedin
    Chirag Panchal
    Chirag Panchal
    UI/UX Specialist
    Chirag Panchal linkedin


    Sean Brizendine
    Sean Brizendine
    Public Relations Advisor
    Sean Brizendine linkedin
    Thomas Contin
    Thomas Contin
    Legal Advisor
    Thomas Contin linkedin
    Marco Sala
    Marco Sala
    Legal Advisor
    Marco Sala linkedin
    Suvrangsu Das
    Suvrangsu Das
    PR Advisor
    Suvrangsu Das linkedin
    Sheraz Ahmed
    Sheraz Ahmed
    Strategic Advisor
    Sheraz Ahmed linkedin

    Social media

    Ideaology web-siteIdeaology MediumIdeaologyYouTubeIdeaology TelegramIdeaology BTCTalkIdeaology LinkedInIdeaology TwitterIdeaology FacebookIdeaology Github



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  • Qamar AhmadNovember 22, 2020 at 6:59 am

    How can I participate in this IEO.

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