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Sovereign is an ecosystem of interoperable and scalable rollups that can run on any blockchain. The Sovereign SDK is a free and open-source toolkit for building zk-rollups that is currently under development.

Seed Round: $7.4 Million

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology

What is Sovereign

Sovereign Labs is building a software development kit (SDK) that makes it easier for developers to create interoperable zero-knowledge rollups. A rollup is a special type of blockchain that derives some of its security from another blockchain, thereby allowing for scalability without sacrificing security. The new Sovereign SDK is designed to be interoperable, scalable and able to be seamlessly deployed on any layer 1 blockchain.

At a high level, the Sovereign SDK aims to do three things.

  • First, it will provide a standard interface that allows rollups to communicate with data availability layers. This standard interface will make it easy for rollups to deploy on new data availability layers - and for new chains to support existing rollups.
  • Second, it will integrate with cryptographic compilers. Developers will be able to write their code in standard programming languages, and the SDK will automatically convert their business logic into a form that’s cryptographically verifiable.
  • Finally, it will provide default implementations of common blockchain primitives like tokens, NFTs, and bridges.


Raised: 7,400,000 USD


Registration year: 2022

Project team

Cem Özer
Cem Özer
Chief Executive Officer
Cem Özer linkedin
Preston E.
Preston E.
Chief Technology Officer
Preston E. linkedin


Ekram Ahmed
Ekram Ahmed
Jonny Rhea
Jonny Rhea
Will Villanueva
Will Villanueva
Zaki Manian
Zaki Manian

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