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Sportcash One (SCOneX)

Ongoing IEO
Token sale: Apr 06, 2021 – May 25, 2021

SCOneX token is a revolutionary sports utility token which empowers athletes, brands, teams, and leagues to vertically integrate their engagement, loyalty and passion via gamified transactions on a secure, cheap, and fast international blockchain. SCOneX properly aligns stakeholders from the ownership suite to the playing field for maximum efficiency and value retention while simultaneously opening up sponsorship, fundraising, and monetization opportunities for brands and external parties.

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Project industrySports & Fitness
Product typeEcosystem

What is Sportcash One

An innovative financial system for the Sports & E-sports industry that connects athletes, gamers, clubs, brands, fans and sponsors. Our platform creates a bridge between the global sports market and the rapidly growing decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. Sportcash One gives fans and investors the ability to finance and invest in their favorite teams and athletes, as well as buy, sell and trade voting rights for a range of club decisions.


Pre-sales: Jun 01, 2019 - Jun 30, 2019
IEO (Probit Launchpad): Apr 06, 2021 - May 25, 2021
Token supply: 100,000,000 SCOneX
Total tokens for sale: 20,000,000 SCOneX
Hard cap: 2,000,000 USDT


Blockchain Platform: Waves
Registration country: Brazil
Registration year: 2019
Office address: city praia da pipa, street rua da gameleira 1210 , region RN, Brazil

Token info

Ticker: SCOneX
Type: Utility-token
Token price in EUR: 1 SCOneX= 0.10 USDT
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, WAVES
Bonus program:
First round IEO= 25%
Second round IEO = 15%
Third round IEO = 10%
Token distribution:
Public Token Sale - 75%
Reserve - 20%
2 Year + 1 Vesting - 5%
Funds allocation:
Marketing & Promotion - 31%
listing - 22%
Reserve - 18%
Development - 12%
Accounting & Company Management - 7%
Partnership & Advisory - 5%
Legal - 5%

Sportcash One Roadmap

Q1-Q2 2018

Original idea & Surfcash Token creation
Build Website
Create first version of Social Network
Build Prototype Shop & Blog
Activation Plugin Pay with Surfcash (old token)

Q3 2018

Appoint CTO
Rebranding to Sportcash One
New Website creation

  • Create detailed subpages for all Programs
  • Build demo Social Platform with integration for all Programs, so Brands, Athletes, Charity Projects and Members can use direct communication.
    Appoint Main Blockchain Developer

    Q4 2018

    Build demo multi-vendor webshop

  • Start testing Integration Sportcash payments
  • Blockchain integration in Social Test Platform
    Internal testing Social Platform
    Start Sportcash One Loyalty plugins for
  • Woocommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Appoint Business Development / Operational Finance

    Q1 2019

    Register company Sportcash One in Brasil
    Hire graphics designer
    Hire Community Managers
    Finish whitepaper
    Financial projection 3 years in advance
    Present project to grant program Waves Lab
    Present project to Better Tokens program
    Start Token sale promotion

    Q3-Q4 2019

    Start private sale
    Start pre-sale
    Start public-sale
    Launch Social Platform 1.0
    Launch Crowdfunding Platform
    Launch Charity Program
    Launch Market

    Q1 2020

    Launch Magazine
    Launch Loyalty Program

    Project team

    Roberto Moretto
    Roberto Moretto
    CEO & Founder
    Roberto Moretto linkedin
    Jarno Hogeweg
    Jarno Hogeweg
    CTO & Founder
    Jarno Hogeweg linkedin
    Wouter Schol
    Wouter Schol
    Main Developer
    Wouter Schol linkedin
    Sander de Mooij
    Sander de Mooij
    Marketing / Communications
    Sander de Mooij linkedin
    Gregory F. Ryan
    Gregory F. Ryan
    Management Consultant / Operational Finance
    Gregory F. Ryan linkedin
    Julian Abal
    Julian Abal
    Main Designer)
    Julian Abal linkedin
    Roberto Rizzi
    Roberto Rizzi
    Marketing Manager
    Roberto Rizzi linkedin

    Social media

    Sportcash One web-siteSportcash One RedditSportcash One MediumSportcash OneYouTubeSportcash One TelegramSportcash One InstagramSportcash One BTCTalkSportcash One LinkedInSportcash One TwitterSportcash One FacebookSportcash One Github



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