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Sugarverse is a candy-themed metaverse that consists of seven planets and seven integrated mobile games. As a player, you can own land, build buildings, and collect rewards in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens, aka NFTs, and/or CNDY tokens. On each planet, you can play a unique Free-to-Earn / Play-to-Earn mobile game.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperSugarverse White Paper Open

What is Sugarverse

The Sugarverse team is building a unique metaverse with multiple planets and integrated gaming experiences for each one of those worlds, where players can monetize their gaming experience using our native token CNDY. The team behind Sugarverse has previously developed 10 mobile games, published in 30+ languages, and attracted over 60 million players worldwide since 2005. The team is highly experienced and passionate about delivering the ultimate metaverse experience available on the market. With previous experience in blockchain, game development, 2D and 3D art, marketing, and real-world company management we are positioned for success from day one. Building on top of successful careers in XS Software, Gameloft, Ubisoft, CrazyLabs and successfully running crypto and technology startups, the experienced team can launch, execute, and grow an exciting Web 3.0 gaming metaverse that will consist of Play-to-Earn games, NFT, Metaverse, DAO and DeFi.


Token supply: 6,000,000,000 CNDY


Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: CNDY
Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
Team - 16.67%
Partners & Advisors - 5%
Dev & Game Design - 5%
Marketing - 5%
Liquidity - 8.33%
Angel - 2.60%
Seed - 10.33%
Public Sale - 20.83%
Launchpads - 4.67%
Gameplay - 21.57%

Sugarverse Roadmap

Q1 2023
  • New website realise
  • Sugar Match trailer
  • Sugar Bears Club
Q2 2023 | ALPHA GAME
  • Alpha Game testing
  • 1,000 Alpha Testers
  • Early Adopters
Q3 2023 | Public Sale
  • Beta game testing
  • 2,000 Beta Testers
  • Token Security Audit
  • Public Sale
  • Game Soft Launch
  • 10,000 DAU
  • 10K NET Avatar Sales
  • Guild Partnerships
  • TGE
2024 | GROWTH
  • Sugar Match Game Launch
  • 70k Land NFT Sale
  • Building NFT Sale
  • Game 2 Alpha
  • World2 Alpha
  • 15k DAU
  • Marketing & PR
2025 | 40k DAU
  • Game 2 Launch
  • Game3 Beta
  • World 2 Launch
  • World 3 Beta
  • 2,500 Beta testers
2026 | 100K DAU
  • Game 3 Launch
  • Game 4 Beta
  • World 3 Launch
  • World 4 Beta
  • 2,500 Beta Testers
2027 | 230K DAU
  • Game 4 Launch
  • Game 5 Beta
  • World 4 Launch
  • World 5 Beta
  • 2,500 Beta Testers
2028 | 300K DAU
  • Game 5 & 6 Launch
  • Game7 Beta
  • World 5 & 6 Launch:
  • World 7 Beta
  • 2,500 Beta Testers

Project team

Nikolay Mitev
Nikolay Mitev
Co-founder & CEO
Nikolay Mitev linkedin
Philip Balkanski
Philip Balkanski
Co-founder & COO
Philip Balkanski linkedin
Maxim Dimitrov
Maxim Dimitrov
Maxim Dimitrov linkedin
Iliyan Markov
Iliyan Markov
SVP Engineering
Iliyan Markov linkedin
 Stanislav Trenev
Stanislav Trenev
Head of Blockchain
 Stanislav Trenev linkedin
Alexander Karaatanasov
Alexander Karaatanasov
iOS Lead Developer
Alexander Karaatanasov linkedin
Angel Danchev
Angel Danchev
Creative Lead & Partnerships
Angel Danchev linkedin
Daniel Ivanov
Daniel Ivanov
2D/3D Artist
Daniel Ivanov linkedin
Kali Gaberova
Kali Gaberova
2D Animator
Kali Gaberova linkedin
Lead UI/UX & Graphic Design
Head of 3D
Alexandr (Alex) Peltek
Alexandr (Alex) Peltek
3D Artist
Alexandr (Alex) Peltek linkedin
3D Artist
Niya Vacheva
Niya Vacheva
2D Concept Artist
Niya Vacheva linkedin
Virtual Production Director


Nikola Alexandrov
Nikola Alexandrov
Nikola Alexandrov linkedin
Anders Christiansen
Anders Christiansen
Anders Christiansen linkedin
James Boyce
James Boyce
James Boyce linkedin

Social media

Sugarverse web-siteSugarverse MediumSugarverseYouTubeSugarverse TelegramSugarverse LinkedInSugarverse Twitter


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