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An Industry Based Cryptocurrency Token with Real World Application Based Around Corporate Advertising Contracts.

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Project industryMarketing & Advertising

What is The Advertising Currency

TAC, also known as The Advertising Currency, is a utility based currency designed specifically for the use within the Open Source Marketing Platform. Although this currency is a utility currency, as with all cryptocurrencies, they can and will be traded on open markets and the creators of the TAC project make no guarantees as to the value they may or may not hold outside of the OSMP-TAC platform.

This currency is not an investment. You should not expect any sort of monetary returns from this currency nor its derived tokens. The tokens value hold no actual value outside of the OSMP-TAC platform as described within this document. These tokens may increase or decrease in value within our platform based on various factors as defined within this document and should solely be used for the purpose of advertising.

The goal of the TAC project is to create an industry based cryptocurrency that brings all forms of advertising, both online and offline, onto the blockchain while at the same time creating an industry based series of tokens to use within the advertising and marketing industries. The project should over time allow the entire industry of marketing and advertising to be decentralized so that no single centralized business can control the costs and pricing of advertising.

The belief of the TAC creators is that an industry based currency mixed with an open source marketing platform will allow more startup companies as well as small and midsize businesses to gain access to well rounded marketing campaigns in a much more cost effective manner.

TAC will begin as a series of 10 tokens distributed through the Waves Blockchain platform. These tokens are: outTAC, radTAC, tvTAC, magTAC, vidTAC, socTAC, artTAC, banTAC, teTAC, and vmTAC.

When reading this document it should be understood that a token and a coin/currency are different. A coin/currency is the thing that powers an underlying blockchain; whereas a token is the thing that is issued on the blockchain. For example on Ethereum, ether is a coin/currency and projects develop tokens on the platform.

In later stages of development as defined on the timeline of the TAC website, a full TAC blockchain will be created. At that time the value of each TAC currency will be a combined total of the value from each of the TAC Tokens. The Blockchain will integrate directly with the OSMP-TAC platform as well as a distributed database, and the entire project will become distributed and decentralized.


OSMP-TAC is currently an open source, pseudo-centralized marketing and advertising platform. This platform has nearly every major online and offline marketing feature built in. It is centralized so that the TAC creators can maintain efficiency of the network in the initial stages while advertising contracts are secured.

As this is a free open source platform, anyone will be able to download it, customize the theme, and set up their own website. They will be able to select which features they want enabled on their own websites giving absolutely anyone the ability to become an advertising sales agent.

In the later stages of the project, the OSMP-TAC platform will be modified to work directly through the blockchain to achieve sales as well as with a distributed database making the platform a truly decentralized market where anyone can download and earn ads through their own website without having to buy the ads directly from the centralized marketplace first.


Public sales: Oct 01, 2018 - Oct 01, 2019
Token supply: 100,000,000 TAC
Total tokens for sale: 1,000,000,000 TAC
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD


Registration country: United Kingdom
Office address: Denver CO USA

Token info

Ticker: TAC
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token price in USD: 1 TAC = 1 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, WAVES, CPS, EOS
Bonus program:
1.12.2017 - 1 TAC Token for every 10 TAC Tokens purchased
if someone spent $5000 on opening day, they would get an initial amount of 500 TAC Tokens, a purchase bonus of 50 TAC Tokens, and an additional high volume bonus of 250 TAC Tokens
Token distribution:
15% - online ad contracts
35% - offline ad contract
10% - platform development
10% - partnerships
10% - publishers
15% - blockchain development
3% - Waves platform support
2% - travel expenses

Project team

Bruce Bates
Bruce Bates
Project creator, tasked with contractual partnerships
Amy Iannone
Amy Iannone
Auditor, tasked with bookkeeping, record keeping, and making publicly available documents
Jay Carey
Jay Carey
PHP developer, tasked with platform creation

Social media

Web-siteMedium: The Advertising Currency (TAC)Telegram: The Advertising Currency (TAC)Twitter: The Advertising Currency (TAC)Github: The Advertising Currency (TAC)

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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2 Responses

  • Bruce BatesAugust 28, 2018 at 7:26 pm

    1. Its not a past ICO, its an upcoming ICO. Launch date is Oct 1 2018 until Oct 1 2019.
    2. The ICO was founded in US not UK
    3. It is a series of 10 tokens and they are waves tokens not ERC20
    4. Each token will have a $1 USD value not 10.
    5. We accept BTC, WAVES, CPS, and EOS not ETH
    6. We are registered out of Denver CO USA
    7. There are no bonuses. Its $1 per token for everyone
    8 Our tickers are: artTAC, banTAC, tvTAC, radTAC, outTAC, vidTAC, vmTAC, teTAC, socTAC, and magTAC
    9. its: 15% online ad contracts, 35% offline ad contract, 10% platform development, 10% partnerships, 10% publishers, 15% blockchain development, 3% Waves platform support, 2% travel expenses.
    10. Each token will have a 100,000,000 token distribution. Total combined distribution will be 1,000,000,000.
    11. We have added the verified button

  • DmitryNovember 16, 2018 at 8:39 pm

    TACToken es scam alerta aqui dicen por que y las pruebas mucho cuidado alerta
    TACToken is scam alert here they say why and the tests a lot of careful warning;threads;u=2464739;sa=showPosts

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