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VitalVeda (VVFIT)


World First Global Metaverse GYM using VR, AR and IoT Technologies to Revolutionize the future of Sports & Fitness.

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Project industrySports & Fitness
Product typePlatform

What is VitalVeda

VitalVeda is creating the first incentivized virtual gym in the world, leveraging WEB3, NFT, P2E, AI, and VR technologies to revolutionize the fitness training industry. The VitalVeda Metaverse gamified ecosystem is poised to encourage users to participate in health-improving activities for rewards and improves the users’ state of living.

VitalVeda offers exclusive workout and sports packages in the Metaverse world using a conglomeration of trendy technologies which have never existed before connecting fitness enthusiasts all around the globe while keeping them fit and excited.

Exercise, move and earn! And track your Fitness workout with state-of-the-art Vitalveda’s platform! VitalVeda offers exclusive workout and sports packages in the Metaverse world along with all the trendy technologies which has never been existed before.


IDO (X_Starter Launchpad): Oct 13, 2022 - Oct 14, 2022
IDO (DAOStarter Launchpad): Nov 18, 2022 - Nov 20, 2022
IDO (PinkSale Launchpad): Oct 13, 2022 - Oct 17, 2022
Token supply: 17,600,000,000 VVFIT
Soft cap: 20 BNB
Hard cap: 40 BNB


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Token info

Ticker: VVFIT
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 VVFIT = 0.00132 VVFIT
Token distribution:
Seed - 0.57%
Private round - 1.70%
Public round - 2.27%
ICO - 4.55%
Liquidity pool against $VVG - 2.84%
Liquidity pool against $BNB - 5.68%
Team/Advisors - 14.20%
Marketing - 3.98%
External partners - 3.98%
Developer Partner - 3.98%
Airdrops/Giveaways - 2.27%
Company Reserves - 15.34%
Staking pool - 10.80%
Future DEX/CEX LP - 28.41%

VitalVeda Roadmap

Q1 2022
  • New website design featuring more detail on the ecosystem
  • Mockup design for Training App
  • Mockup Design for NFT Shop
  • VV Conceptualization
  • Building the organizational structure
  • VVFIT & VVGame Building Dual tokens Mechanism
  • Develop VitalVeda Roadmap
  • structuring the VV Game and Training packages
Q2 2022
  • Building alliance partnership
  • Creating product Prototype Design
  • Developing the Whitepaper
  • Hiring Team
  • Building relationship with Technology partners
  • Promoting VV social media channels
  • Hiring Tokenomics Expert
  • Setting Up Project Management System
Q3 2022
  • Creating VitalVeda Community
  • Held Private sale Event
  • Create whitelist for presale
  • Research & Development on AI Fitness tracking Element
  • Creating Tokenomics Model Part One
  • Developing the first Phase of VV Financial and business plan
  • Vesting Schedule formation
  • Token Creation VVFIT
  • VVSW NFT Design and concept creation
  • Create company Pitch deck
  • Audit VVFIT Smart contract
Q4 2022
  • Partnership with Sportswear manufacturing & Designers
  • New exchange Listing
  • IEO Event
  • INO Event
  • Listing in CEX
  • Listing in DEX
  • Release Beta version
  • VVSM venue launch featuring a live set and Sport wearables NFT drop
  • Completed Financial Modeling
  • Creating Tokenomics Model Part Two
Q1 2023
  • Additional Training package & Game Release
  • In-App Wallet integration
  • Multichain Upgrade
  • New Game & Training package release
  • IOS & Android Mobile application release
  • Build Opensea & Enjin VV Club VVSW NFT
Q2 2023
  • First NFT Sportswear marketplace partner with top sports cloth designer
  • Additional Training package & Game Release
  • VV VIP Club introduction
Q3 2023
  • Launch VV Ecommerce site, selling Fitness IoT devices and accessories

Project team

Amir Neghabian
Amir Neghabian
Amir Neghabian linkedin
Araik Tsaturyan
Araik Tsaturyan
Finance & Investment Executive
Araik Tsaturyan linkedin
Anna Malkhasyan
Anna Malkhasyan
Business Development Executive
Anna Malkhasyan linkedin
Crypton Studio
Crypton Studio
Crypto Studio
Crypton Studio linkedin
Alina Zotova
Alina Zotova
Advisory CTO
Alina Zotova linkedin


Leandro Marcarian
Leandro Marcarian
Tokenomics Advisor
Leandro Marcarian linkedin
Dr Leaug Imparable
Dr Leaug Imparable
Strategic Marketing Advisor
Dr Leaug Imparable linkedin

Social media

VitalVeda web-siteVitalVeda MediumVitalVedaYouTubeVitalVeda TelegramVitalVeda InstagramVitalVeda LinkedInVitalVeda TwitterVitalVeda DiscordVitalVeda Github

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