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Volaris Games is a trailblazer redefining the gaming landscape by seamlessly integrating AI and blockchain to create unparalleled and immersive gaming experiences.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeOrganization
WhitepaperVolaris Games White Paper Open

What is Volaris Games

Volaris Games has set out to revolutionize gaming by harnessing the power of AI and Blockchain. The synergy between these two cutting-edge technologies introduces a paradigm shift, offering players a level of sophistication, autonomy, and security previously unseen in the gaming industry.

The integration of advanced AI algorithms enhances gameplay by adapting to users’ behaviors, preferences, and skill levels. This dynamic adaptation ensures that each gaming session is a unique and tailored experience, providing challenges and rewards in tune with the player’s capabilities.

Volaris Games leverages blockchain to ensure transparent and tamper-proof transactions, mitigating fraud and enhancing the security of in-game assets. Additionally, players gain true ownership of their in-game assets, with blockchain technology enabling secure and verifiable ownership records.


Pre-sale token supply: 270,000,000 VOLS
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 VOLS
Total tokens for sale: 290,000,000 VOLS


Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: VOLS
Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
3% - Angel
5% - Seed
10% - Private A
9% - Private B
2% - Public
4% - Community
31% - Ecosystem
10% - Team
5% - Advisors & Partners
7% - Reserves
10% - Liquidity
4% - Expenses

Volaris Games Roadmap

Q4 2023
  • Talent recruitment
  • Whitepaper publishing
  • Initial close-beta game testing
Q1 2024
  • Website launch
  • Introduction of key flagship game titles
  • Close-beta games testing & development
  • Begin marketing & community incubation
  • User onboarding program
  • Begin partnerships with key players
Q2 2024
  • Game demo MVP
  • AI development for behavior-based game adaptions MVP
  • Continuous user feedback
  • $VOLS launch & distribution
  • $VOLS Staking
  • $VOLS Audit
Q3 2024
  • Open-beta game testing
  • CEX listings
  • Initialize in-game & online community events
  • Enhanced AI behavior-based game adaptions
  • In-game economy measures
  • Mainnet game releases
2023 Q2
  • Test & implement anti-cheat systems
  • CEX listings
  • DEX listings for new gaming chains
  • Testnet for cross-game asset functionality
  • More open-beta games testing
Q1 2025
  • Esports with compatible games
  • Player governance features
  • Green blockchain initiatives
  • Strengthen security of in-game transactions
  • CEX & DEX listings
Q2 2025 & Beyond
  • Technological Advancements
    • Explore & implement mixed reality emerging tech elements
    • Enhance AI-driven game components & NPCs
    • More games & chains
  • Global Expansion & Partnerships
    • Increase global brand awareness
    • Continuous strategic partnerships
  • Consolidation & Review
    • Feedback & update cycle based on community input
    • Ecosystem review & refine the multi-game universe based on year's performance
    • Strategies for long-term expansion & innovation
  • Continuous Innovation & Growth
    • Ongoing development of new games & experiences
    • Stay ahead with continuous technological enhancements
    • Strengthen & expand the global player community

Project team

Shaun Sung
Shaun Sung
Co-Founder & CEO
Shaun Sung linkedin
Lucas Lu
Lucas Lu
Co-Founder & CCO
Lucas Lu linkedin
AAA Tech Team
FXMedia linkedin
Stephen G.
Stephen G.
Lead of Community & Partnership
Stephen G. linkedin
Johnson Crypto Boy
Johnson Crypto Boy
Lead of Community & Research
Johnson Crypto Boy twitter


Mark Wong
Mark Wong
Mark Wong linkedin

Social media

Volaris Games web-siteVolaris Games MediumVolaris GamesYouTubeVolaris Games TelegramVolaris Games LinkedInVolaris Games TwitterVolaris Games Discord

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