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Apricot Finance (APR)


Apricot Finance is a decentralized platform for devolved financial solutions, providing over-collateralized loan protocols to its users.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typePlatform

What is Apricot Finance

Apricot aspires to be the go-to platform for decentralized financial solutions in the thriving Solana ecosystem. The project will launch initially with an over-collateralized loan protocol that differentiates itself by giving borrowers best-in-class borrowing power and low liquidation penalties with high predictability in outcome. As the platform expands, Apricot may tap into the concept of securitization in traditional finance to help manage a bad debt collateral pool accumulated through Apricots 2-hour liquidation guarantee program. Apricot also plans to launch a rich set of related products in near future, such as orderbook-based fixed rate loans, customizable financial derivatives, templatebased high frequency operations, low-to-no collateral loans, etc., to accommodate a wide range of user needs.

Apricot will be running on the Solana blockchain, whose unique combination of high transaction throughput and ultralow time-to-finality provide a highly scalable and costeffective solution for the future of blockchains and decentralized finance.


IDO (Bullperks Launchpad): Sep 06, 2021 - Sep 07, 2021
IDO (Solanium Launchpad): TBA - TBA
Raised: 800,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Solana

Token info

Ticker: APR

Apricot Finance Roadmap

Q2 Testnet launch

Apricot Lend

Apricot Assist

Apricot Rescue

  • Deposit in an asset pool for interest
  • Borrow over-collateralized loans
  • Borrower-friendly with lender protection
  • Securitization & COT for long-term value
Q3 Mainet launch

Apricot Fixed-Rate

  • User-specified lending terms
  • For users who prefer predictable yields

DeFi Fintech Module

  • Template-based derivative/high-frequency operations
  • For advanced DeFi users to perform a full set of operations within a single transaction. May be used for market arbitrage, margin trade, liquidation, and more

Low-to-no Collateral Loan

  • Money market for asset borrowing with low or no collateral requirement
  • For users with platform-wise high credibility
  • Higher risk, higher interest rates

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