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Bidooh is a digital advertising platform, making Outdoor advertising available to any user. Bidooh makes it simple to manage digital screen advertising anywhere in real-time.

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Project industryMarketing & Advertising
Product typeService
FoundedUnited Kingdom
WhitepaperBidooh White Paper Open

What is Bidooh

10 things you need to know about Bidooh

  • 1. What is it? A mobile app that allows you to publish adverts to digital billboards13
  • 2. Manchester United Non-Exec Director, Michael Edelson is Chairman of Bidooh
  • 3. You can buy screens and be part of Bidooh’s decentralized digital billboard network
  • 4. Bidooh is like Google Adwords1 but for digital billboards – publish ads in 60 secs
  • 5. iPhone app, iPad app is built and web prototype is working on
  • 6. Consumers earn tokens for seeing digital ads getting rewarded for their attention12
  • 7. Consumers to redeem tokens at future participating retailers and restaurants2
  • 8. 10 trial digital screens live at 4 locations in Manchester, UK
  • 9. Contract signed for 2,000 screens being rolled out by Czech (European) partner
  • 10.One token is equal to one advert on a digital screen (normally 10 seconds)
  • Our vision

    Our vision for Bidooh is to revolutionize and democratize the $34.8bn4 out-of-home advertising industry. By creating a truly flexible, immediate, measurable selfservice platform and open digital screen network, advertisers and media agencies of all sizes will plan and place their adverts through Bidooh.

    By making it available to all advertisers, with no minimum commitment, Bidooh will unlock a new customer base. These potential advertisers are currently unable to use outdoor advertising.

    Due to the open nature of the network, media owners can add their own existing or new screens to the Bidooh platform and generate new revenues from our existing advertisers. For complete transparency, the Bidooh platform will be auditable on the blockchain. Removing a reliance on trust, delayed or inaccurate reporting, this open digital ledger will be truly revolutionary.

    How billboard advertising works

    Billboard advertising is one of the oldest ways to advertise. You will most probably see outdoor advertising posters of all sizes on your way to work, in a shopping center, at airports, train and bus stations.

    Billboard advertising is known as “Out-of-Home” or OOH while the digital billboard market is called “Digital-out-of-Home” or DOOH when it’s using digital screens to show the advertising.

    It is still considered one of the most impactful advertising methods for broadcast advertising.

    How Bidooh works

    Bidooh is an end to end solution that makes digital billboard advertising simple and accessible.

    Any advertiser can simply download the app or visit the portal, create an advert, choose a location, set a budget and hit the Publish button. Their advert then goes through a lightning-fast approval process and is uploaded to their selected screen in real-time.

    It’s like Google Adwords for the digital billboard world.

    Screen owners simply plug in one of our Bidooh boxes to their existing screens to become a part of a global network. Advertisers and media agencies can access and publish adverts on those screens within seconds of joining.


    Pre-sales: Oct 01, 2018 - Oct 31, 2018
    Public sales: Nov 01, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018
    Pre-sale token supply: 126 000 000 000 DOOH
    Token supply: 126 000 000 000 DOOH
    Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
    Raised: 3,335,033 USD


    Country limitations: Excluding U.S. & China
    Registration country: Gibraltar
    Registration year: 2017
    Office address: Warren Bruce Court, Warren Bruce Road, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1LB

    Token info

    Ticker: DOOH
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in USD: 1 DOOH = 0.0005 USD
    Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM
    Bonus program:
    15% bonus in Pre-Sale
    Token distribution:
    70% - Token Sale
    15% - Bidooh's Team & Advisors
    15% - Reserve
    Funds allocation:
    38.9% - Screen Acquisition
    28.1% - Development
    20.5% - Operational Costs
    12.5% - Sales & Marketing

    Bidooh Roadmap

    Q1 2018

    DOOH token smart contract created based on Ethereum’s ERC20 standard

    Q2 2018

    Video support - 10 second intervals.
    Advertiser iOS app released.
    Prototyping Ethereum blockchain / Bidooh platform integration initiation - Impressions (Advert displays stored to the blockchain).

    Q3 2018

    Launch token trading on cryptocurrency exchanges
    Advertiser Android app released

    Q4 2018

    Clothing brand recognition targeting
    Blockchain implementation & integration with Bidooh platform completion
    Blockchain / Bidooh implementation beta release

    Q1/Q2 2019

    Blockchain / Bidooh released into production
    iOS & Android SDKs for billboard proximity detection to target adverts based on public social media feed posts

    Q3/Q4 2019

    VLive video broadcast
    SnapPay - Purchase at screen

    Q1/Q2 2020

    Vehicle recognition-based targeting for large format outdoor screens

    Q3/Q4 2020

    Real-time machine-learning based automated bidding

    Project team

    Michael Edelson
    Michael Edelson
    Abdul Alim
    Abdul Alim
    CEO & Co-founder
    Abdul Alim linkedin
    Shahzad Mughal
    Shahzad Mughal
    CPO & Co-Founder
    Shahzad Mughal linkedin
    Paul Althasen
    Paul Althasen
    Non-Executive Director, Investor
    Paul Althasen linkedin
    Howard Simms
    Howard Simms
    Non-Executive Director, Investor
    Howard Simms linkedin
    Michelle Cowan
    Michelle Cowan
    Michelle Cowan linkedin
    Graeme Hughes
    Graeme Hughes
    Business Development Director
    Graeme Hughes linkedin
    Adam Rowland
    Adam Rowland
    Advertising Manager
    Adam Rowland linkedin
    Vicki Simms
    Vicki Simms
    Token Community Manager
    Vicki Simms linkedin
    Hannah Eames
    Hannah Eames
    Hannah Eames linkedin


    Omar Rahim
    Omar Rahim
    Omar Rahim linkedin
    Marcus Hadfield
    Marcus Hadfield
    Marcus Hadfield linkedin
    Tony Xhufi
    Tony Xhufi
    Tony Xhufi linkedin
    John Townsend
    John Townsend
    John Townsend linkedin

    Social media

    Bidooh web-siteBidooh RedditBidooh MediumBidoohYouTubeBidooh TelegramBidooh InstagramBidooh BTCTalkBidooh LinkedInBidooh X (Twitter)Bidooh FacebookBidooh Github

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