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Blue Hill Foundation (BHF) STO

Apr 02, 2019 – Aug 31, 2019

A gateway to Blue Hill Mining, a fully regulated STO, asset backed by one of the largest copper reserves in Asia.

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Project industry Business Services & Consulting
Product type Organization
Founded Netherlands


Our Mission

Blue Hill Foundation is the 24% co-owner of the Blue Hill Mine, a mining project almost the size of the entire country of Lichtenstein, forecasted to have one of the largest copper reserves in Asia. Blue Hill Mine will sell 30% via a Security Token Offering (STO) to raise seed money to continue exploratory drilling and raise the mine from where it is today up-to international standards in order to place the Blue Hill Mine on the Toronto Stock Market. Blue Hill Foundation is a gateway to the Blue Hill Mining Security Token Offering (STO) at a preferential price. Blue Hill Foundation (BHF) are unregulated tokens that have the rights to the co-ownership of the Blue Hill Mine (concession numbers 14307 X & 14308 X). They can be considered “programmable ownership ” such as Bitcoin is considered “programmable money“.

Funds raised via Initial Coin Offering (ICO ) and Security Token Offering (STO ) in 2014 went from US$16 million to over US$7.5 billion in 2018. STO’s are the future, with a trade expected to reach over US$20 trillion by 2020, thus making it a useful seeding tool. Through the BHF tokens our mission is to maximize profits for the tokens holders in the following 5 steps;

  • Blue Hill Foundation aims to sell a part ownership of Blue Hill Mine and will be responsible for the pre-sales to launch B.H.Mining-STO. Early participants can therefore benefit from a preferential price before the B.H.Mining-STO.
  • The proceeds obtained from the sale of the BHF tokens during the token sale will be used to finance the Blue Hill Mining Security Token Offering (B.H.Mining-STO).
  • BHF tokens will be exchanged for Blue Hill Mining (BHM) tokens, (1 for 1) after the BHM-STO launch. Tokens holders can freely trade (buy or sell) their tokens via a crypto exchange. BHM tokens will be listed on a crypto exchange for US$0.45 (although prices may vary once listed on the crypto exchange).
  • The idea is to prove the estimated reserves to international standards using the best advisors in the mining industry. Very high levels of resources have been discovered while researching only 10% of the mine area. Additionally, more drillings will be made to discover the value of the remaining 90% of the surface area of the Blue Hill Mining project.
  • By using an accepted valuation formula of 20% to 30% of the total Blue Hill Mining resources at current market value, BHF Token’s forecasted retail price is valued at US$30 per token. Blue Hill Mining projects will be evaluated from Q3-2022 onwards to perform a buyback plan via a stock market listing once the underlying value of Blue Hill Mining project will be equal to US$30 per BHM token.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is for BHM to be the most secure, transparent, scalable and profitable asset backed security token to be listed on the top exchanges. Blue Hill Mining’s vision to achieve this is backed by the 30% ownership of Blue Hill Mine and a top rated Swiss law firm/s protecting the interests of the BHM token holders by a trustee. Blue Hill Mining will also secure all its information using Blockchain Technology to accurately log all important data and information ( mine ownership, drilling results, production, logistic, storage, sales and international audits) allowing a transparent information exchange that is accessible for BHM token holders and Multinational Companies.

    Our focus will be the cooperation of the majority of the mining companies, smelters, logistic companies, banks and multinational companies to establish the Blue Hill Mining platform as an efficient way to make direct bids for raw materials, concentrates, logistics and financial solutions. In turn cutting costs on each and every transaction saving millions of dollars in this annual global US$500 billion dollar market.

    Over 8 years of geological planning has gone into the Blue Hill Mine with results indicating large volumes of Copper, Nickel, Cobalt and Gold in a target area of less than 10% of the surface area of the Blue Hill Mine. The Blue Hill Foundation has secured and acquired 24% of Blue Hill Mining with the intention to prove up the reserves in the target area and the remaining 90% of the Blue Hill Mine (covering a vast surface area of 134sqkm). Additional resources such as Tungsten, Yttrium and Ytterbium have already been identified. The short-term prospects would be considerable as the largest gains of the tokens are expected to be greatest at the commencement of the additional drilling program. This will be followed by a feasibility study and International audit by Royal HaskoningDHV and Golder associates (the world’s leading independent engineering companies) reflecting on the BHM token true market value. Blue Hill Mining aims to create sustainable growth by continuously building up a portfolio of additional mining projects similar to Blue Hill Mine. All profits generated from the Blue Hill Mining platform and the continued sale of the raw materials to the market will without doubt make BHM tokens exponentially scalable. The balance of the profits will be used to buy tokens back from the exchange and these purchased tokens will be burned and removed from circulation. Blue Hill Mining will seek a suitable exchange for listing the BHM tokens closer to the time of the listing as the market is changing rapidly due to the focus and high demand of the STO market.

    The Blue Hill Platform:

    A peer to peer trading and bidding platform connecting mine companies, smelters, logistic companies, banks and multinational companies to the Blue Hill Mining Platform. The aim is to allow mine companies, smelters, logistic companies, banks and multinational companies to tender bids, agree and lock up deals that would cut out the middleman on the raw material and concentrate markets. Blue Hill Mining intends to create this platform similar to the two giants Glencore and Vale which represents approximately US$205 billion and US$34 billion of annual revenue.

    Blue Hill Mining intends to work together with the top 40 global companies, which represents a vast majority of the whole industry reported at 496 billion U.S. dollars of revenue in 2016. Blue Hill Mining will attract multinational companies and counterparties to the platform by offering a lower than market price of its raw materials and concentrates mined. Furthermore, Blue Hill Mining intends to offer logistic and financial tender bids, connecting the most credible international companies and banks using BHM’s 25 years of experience in the mining and banking industries working alongside Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Hypo Bank, VTB Bank, Morgan Stanley and UBS.

    Fast facts about Blue Hill Platform:

    A peer to peer commodity trading and bidding platform on the Blockchain connecting mine companies, smelters, logistic companies, banks and multinational companies.

  • Inspired by Vechain, The Blue Hill Mine Platform is a blockchain platform that focuses on tracking, logistics, financial services, supply chain management and smart contracts to give access to certificated raw materials. Showing where the raw materials were mined and how they were transported. This is done by a built-in chip that can be scanned and downloaded onto the Blockchain including verification of weight and movement in real time at any point of the journey.
  • This will bring more transparency to the mining industry and will allow mining companies, smelters and multinational companies to cut out middlemen’s margins saving millions of dollars in this global annual US$500 billion-dollar market by using the Blue Hill Mining platform.
  • Mining companies, smelters, logistic companies, banks and multinational companies will trade, post tenders and lock up deals on the B.H.Mine Platform.
  • The platform will offer discounts to multinational companies on raw materials sourced from the Blue Hill Mine.
  • The platform offers certified ethically sourced raw materials and concentrates for the entire mining industry, which is currently still working ineffectively.
  • The Blue Hill Mining team has some twenty-five years of experience in the mining and banking industries working for Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Hypo Bank, VTB Bank, Morgan Stanley and UBS.
  • B.H.Platform will bring better market analytics, transparency, fair trade, certified and verified ethically sourced raw materials to the annual multibillion-dollar mining industry and there within improve market efficiency.
  • Details

    Pre-sale token supply: 140,000,000 BHF
    Soft cap: 625,000 USD
    Hard cap: 4,900,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Registration country: Netherlands
    Office address: SWITZERLAND
    Haupstrasse 71 9113 Degersheim

    Loewen-Koester Strasse 6 D-44534 Lünen

    Token info

    Ticker: BHF
    Type: Security
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in USD: 1 BHF= 0.07 USD
    Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
    Token distribution:
    70% - Token sale
    20% - Blue Hill Foundation
    6% - Team
    4% - Partners

    Offices on the map

    Blue Hill Foundation (BHF) STO Roadmap


    IP mapping and drilling program 10 drilling holes with total of 1,879 meters indicate large volumes of Copper, Cobalt, Nickel and Gold.


    Technical exploration, mapping and geological reports by AGH and the Senior geologist from Turquoise Hill Mine D. Garamjav.


    Blue Hill Mining Project appraisal report by Royal HaskoningDHV.


    End of BHF token sale


    Intention to be Fully licensed under the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).


    Launch of BHM STO


    Engagement of mining companies, smelters, logistics companies, banks and Multinational companies for the trading and tender platform.


    Exchange of BHF tokens for BHM tokens (1 BHF token = 1 BHM token)


    Listing BHM tokens on crypto-exchanges.


    Commencement of additional drilling program.


    Blue Hill Mining platform fully operational using Blockchain technology to ethically source raw materials at a lower-than-market cost.

    Project team

    CEO in Blue Hill Foundation (BHF) STO - 1
    CFO in Blue Hill Foundation (BHF) STO - 2
    COO in Blue Hill Foundation (BHF) STO - 3
    Financial Analyst in Blue Hill Foundation (BHF) STO - 4
    Financial Analyst
    Project Engineer in Blue Hill Foundation (BHF) STO - 5
    Project Engineer
    Project Engineer in Blue Hill Foundation (BHF) STO - 6
    Project Engineer
    Mechanical Engineer in Blue Hill Foundation (BHF) STO - 7
    Mechanical Engineer
    Industrial Engineering Assistant in Blue Hill Foundation (BHF) STO - 8
    Industrial Engineering Assistant
    Economics Assistant in Blue Hill Foundation (BHF) STO - 9
    Economics Assistant

    Social media

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    5/5 ( 1 )

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