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Catscoin is a decentralized B2B and B2C platform for pet goods. In the long run, the team aims to create an ecosystem for exchange of resources and information between pets’ owners, producers of goods and services for animals, researchers, animal rights activists, etc. The solution is supposed to facilitate communication between these participants, support marketing initiatives and offer a marketplace for pet products and services. The Catscoin team has issued a USC Token that will be used to (fully or partially) pay for products and services offered on the platform. The developers will also be issuing Catscoin cryptocurrency that can be used for the same purposes.

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Project industryCommerce & Retail
Product typePlatform
FoundedRussian Federation

What is Catscoin

Background - how it all began

It all started when we found out about Dogecoin cryptocurrency. It turned out that dogs have their own currency but cats don’t. We were shocked by such blatant racial injustice. We respect all living beings but so it turned out that cats’ interests are closest to us.

Cats are a major part of the world’s history, culture and economics. They’re not just some interior decoration, but a living beings with their own feelings and needs. Relationship between humans and cats must be based on mutual respect, tolerance and multiculturalism. We are convinced that development of relationships between our species dictates the necessity of cats’ cryptocurrency, global cats’ cryptoeconomics and cats’ cryptostate.

Our product is designed for everyone who isn't indifferent to cats. But primarily:

  • for those who live with them;
  • for producers of goods for pets;
  • for animal rights activists, veterinarians and other professionally interested persons.
  • We offer you the independent platform for exchange of goods, ideas and emotions. Our cryptocurrency will become an important element of this international platform. Platform will include such components as website, communities in leading social networks and game applications which will allow users to earn and spend Catscoins. As a result all parties concerned will get the following results:

  • pet owners: communication by interests, access to special offers for goods for pets; an opportunity to earn and accumulate Catscoins in game applications and use them to pay completely or partially for goods for pets or to invest in independent research and expertise;
  • producers of goods and services: opportunity for promotion of their trademarks by selling goods completely or partially for Catscoins;
  • animal rights activists and experts: the platform for promoting their ideas, an opportunity to raise funds for conducting independent expertise or research as well as for charitable projects
  • We will give one of examples of possible cooperation. Nowadays there is a problem with independent examination of goods for animals. Public organizations often have no funds for the necessary examination. Producers have such funds, but any examination made for funds of the producer falls under suspicion of bias. Even if the producer is genuinely confident that its goods are objectively the leader of the market.

    Our platform will create an opportunity for formation of the depersonalized funds which are formed from funds including funds of conscientious producers. The most relevant issues are defined during open discussion. Then fundraising campaign for the solution of this question starts. After funds are raised, the certain group of experts who will deal with this issue is defined by method of vote. Thus, even if some large producer has taken part in fund raising – it can't affect conclusions of experts. Because the producer doesn't know who will carry out expertize, and experts don't know from whom funds are received.

    The lack of a binding of cryptocurrency to a certain country will simplify interaction between users, experts and producers from the different countries.

    Implementation of our project will promote the ideas of animal rights protection, dissemination of knowledge about the needs and psychology of cats, formation of the transparent global market and development of the fair competition between producers of goods for pets. In fact, we create the firstever voluntary community operated by methods of E-democracy.


    Pre-sales: Nov 13, 2018 - Dec 13, 2018
    Public sales: Jan 13, 2019 - Mar 13, 2019
    Pre-sale token supply: 37,500,000 USC
    Token supply: 210,500,000 USC


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: China, United States,
    Registration country: Russian Federation

    Token info

    Ticker: USC
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in USD: 1 USC = 1 USD
    Token price in ETH: 1 ETH = 10 000 USC
    Accepted currencies: ETH
    Token distribution:
    42% - ICO Sales
    29.5% - Reserved Team
    20% - Bounty & Overhead
    7.5% - Pre-ICO
    1% - Close ICO

    Social media

    Catscoin web-siteCatscoin TelegramCatscoin BTCTalkCatscoin Facebook

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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