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Sep 01, 2019 – Oct 31, 2019
Token sale: Dec 01, 2019 – Mar 31, 2020

Place where you have access to extensive knowledge supported by our experts in many areas: investments, crypto-economics, analysis of trader’s psychology.

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Project industry Trading & Investing
Product type Platform
Founded Poland

What is is a platform that enables you to securely invest in the crypto-currency market using the skills and knowledge of experienced traders. Our flagship service called PAMM trading account, allows you to invest in cryptocurrency pairs by entrust-ing resources to experienced trad-ers as well as providing you with all the tools necessary to become cryp-to-trader yourself.

Imagine giving your money to a trad-er, so he can make a profit for you when he makes one for himself — in-troducing PAMM by our tools to analyse the history of failures and successes of any trad-er in a chosen period and a specific area of your interest.

You can choose the trader’s account, and give him the ability to invest your money together with his own. You can stop your investment’s any time you want. is a multi-exchange trading platform with PAMM accounts facility, where traders are ready to do all the hard work for you.Traders will be able to create a limitless number of PAMM accounts making opportunities for an investor to profit from their skills and hard work. Thanks to a connection with multiple exchang-es, traders can run several PAMM accounts on different platforms/exchanges simultaneously without any disruption.


Pre-sales: Sep 01, 2019 - Oct 31, 2019
Public sales: Dec 01, 2019 - Mar 31, 2020
Pre-sale token supply: 200,000,000 GEC
Token supply: 600,000,000 GEC
Total tokens for sale: 800,000,000 GEC
Soft cap: 100,000,000 GEC
Hard cap: 800,000,000 GEC


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Poland
Registration year: 2018

Token info

Ticker: GEC
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 GEC = 0.25 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USD, EUR, GBP
Token distribution:
80% - Sale
15% - Founders
3% - Bounty
2% - Advisors Roadmap

August 2018
Genesis & market research

  • Team building
  • Market analysis
  • Searching for subcontractors
  • Searching for the legal jurisdiction
  • 2
    September 2018
    The first contracts

  • Selection of a law firm
  • Contract with a marketing company
  • Whitepaper v 1.0
  • Creation of a GEC token
  • 3
    October 2018
    Finalization of works

  • Choice of the company headquarters
  • Registration of Geco One OU
  • A contract for accounting services
  • site version v 1.0
  • 4
    December 2018
    Licenses for Geco One OU

  • Virtual ccy wallet license
  • Virtual ccy exchange against fiat license
  • Workshops with the dev team
  • A formation of the PAMM system
  • 5
    January 2019
    PAMM platform strategy

  • Q1 2019 User account
  • Q2 2019 Fund management
  • Q3 2019 My investment & balances
  • Q4 2019 Leverage
  • Q1 2020 Trading
  • 6
    February 2019
    Increasing the team

  • A new member joins the team
  • Obtaining two board advisors
  • Website & Whitepaper update (v 2.0)
  • Initiation of the ICO supporting platform
  • 7
    March 2019
    Project update

  • Website & Whitepaper v 2.0 launch
  • Featured on 100+ ICO benchmark sites
  • The commencement of the Private Sale
  • A contract for creating ICO platform
  • 8
    April 2019
    Planning and marketing

  • First features of the PAMM platform
  • New promo video
  • GEC token ICO sale platform
  • Start of private sale events
  • 9
    May 2019
    Work on the campaign

  • Next feature of the PAMM platform
  • Marketing & event campaign
  • Talks with stock exchange partners
  • 10
    August 2019
    The end of Private Sale

  • The end of the Private Sale stage
  • Networking & Marketing campaign
  • Another PAMM platform function
  • 11
    September 2019
    Pre - ICO stage 1

  • Rounds 1 & 2 of pre - ICO
  • Events
  • Talks with partners
  • New features of the platform
  • 12
    October 2019
    Pre - ICO stage 2

  • Rounds 3 & 4 of pre - ICO
  • PAMM platform testing
  • Works on Margin Trading
  • First-year of Geco One OU
  • 13
    December 2019
    Public ICO

  • Round 1 of public ICO
  • Platform security testing
  • Events & Marketing
  • 14
    January 2020
    Public ICO - Stage 2

  • Round 2 of the public ICO campaign
  • Testing PAMM platform beta version
  • 15
    February 2020
    Public ICO - stage 3

  • Round 3 of the ICO public campaign
  • Penetration testing of PAMM platform
  • 16
    March 2020
    PAMM trading

  • End of the ICO campaign
  • The launch of the PAMM platform
  • 17
    April 2020
    GEC Token

  • Stock exchange GEC listing
  • Unlocking the smart-contract
  • 18
    May 2020
    Infrastructure for GEC Token

  • Building our exchange for the GEC
  • Expansion of the developer team
  • Additional functions on PAMM platform
  • Works on the next gen. PAMM platform
  • 19
    June 2020
    Further project development

    Project team

    Rafał Kołakowski
    Rafał Kołakowski
    Chairman of The Supervisory Board
    Marcin Wituś
    Marcin Wituś
    Łukasz Mędrzak
    Łukasz Mędrzak
    Sales Director
    Wojciech Łubianka
    Wojciech Łubianka
    Director of Development
    Tomasz Bialik
    Tomasz Bialik
    IT Director
    Marcin Sobczyk
    Marcin Sobczyk
    Finance Director
    Jay Stankiewicz
    Jay Stankiewicz
    Operations Manager


    Daniel Nowak
    Daniel Nowak
    Board Advisor
    Patryk Bigaj
    Patryk Bigaj
    Board Advisor
    Dmitrij Żatuchin, Ph.D.
    Dmitrij Żatuchin, Ph.D.
    Business Advisor
    Łukasz Gosiewski
    Łukasz Gosiewski
    Platform Architect / CTO
    Piotr Broniszewski
    Piotr Broniszewski
    Software Developer
    Katarzyna Dadek
    Katarzyna Dadek
    Software Developer
    Kamil Bar
    Kamil Bar
    Software Developer
    Ewelina Klisowska
    Ewelina Klisowska
    Software Developer
    Tomasz Timoszyk
    Tomasz Timoszyk
    Project Manager
    Katarzyna Leszczyńska-Bohdan
    Katarzyna Leszczyńska-Bohdan
    Marketing & Communication Advisor

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit: (GEC) Medium: (GEC) YouTube: (GEC) Telegram: (GEC) BTCTalk: (GEC) LinkedIn: (GEC) Twitter: (GEC) Facebook: (GEC) Github: (GEC)

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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    Width: 160 px

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