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Goldsky empowers developers to quickly spin up realtime APIs using data stored on Ethereum and other networks. Goldsky is the platform for building web 3 APIs.

Seed Round $20 Million


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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typePlatform
FoundedUnited States

What is Goldsky

Developer of application programming interface platform designed for reading from blockchain in real-time. The company's software allows developers to utilize the tools they need to build reliable, real-time apps without having to do data massaging in their front-ends or back-ends, helping developers to quickly spin up real-time APIs.

Goldsky provides real-time access to data stored on blockchains and lets you transform, enhance, and integrate that data with real-time streams to meet your custom needs.

You no longer have to:

  • Maintain your own RPC nodes
  • Deal with data inconsistencies
  • Work with limited pre-defined APIs
  • Wait for data to be available

Instead, with Goldsky you:

  • Work with real-time data streams
  • Transform data with SQL
  • Combine streams, create alerts, and more
  • Access your data with GraphQL, via webhooks, or integrate it into your ETL process


Raised: 21,400,000 USD


Registration year: 2021

Project team

Mike Nikles
Mike Nikles
Previously - Lead solution architect for airlines at Google, staff developer advocate at Gitpod, founder at Webstone Education.
Mike Nikles linkedin
Xiao Meng
Xiao Meng
Previously - Expert data engineer at Activision/Demonware.
Xiao Meng linkedin
Paymahn Moghadasian
Paymahn Moghadasian
Previously - Distributed Databases at Meta, ML Infra at Solvvy, RelEng at Datadog.
Paymahn Moghadasian linkedin
Benny Sidelinger
Benny Sidelinger
Previously - Engineering manager at Venmo, Principal engineer at Bright Machines, Principal engineer at Oracle.
Avishek Neupane
Avishek Neupane
Previously - Sr. Software Engineer at Shopify, Software Engineer Amazon.
Avishek Neupane linkedin
Kevin Li
Kevin Li
Previously - Engineering manager at 0x Labs. Ex-Meta, ex-Alphabet. Early at Heap.
Kevin Li linkedin
Jeff Ling
Jeff Ling
Previously - VP engineering at TrueAccord. CTO at Uppercase. Early at Heap.
Jeff Ling linkedin
Yaroslav Tkachenko
Yaroslav Tkachenko
Previously - Staff data engineer at Shopify. Software architect at Activision.
Yaroslav Tkachenko linkedin


Todd Busler
Todd Busler
Operator in residence at Unusual Ventures. Previously at Heap, Square.
Todd Busler linkedin
Carl Tremblay
Carl Tremblay
Advisor to up-and-coming startups. Previously head of platform and growth at Plaid.
Carl Tremblay linkedin
Xiuming Chen
Xiuming Chen
Director of engineering at Lime, infrastructure and security. Previously at Instacart, Hulu.
Xiuming Chen linkedin
Glenn Conner
Glenn Conner
Engineering manager at Meta, web speed. Previously at Brocade, Riverbed.
Glenn Conner linkedin

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