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UniLend is a permission-less decentralized protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending and services through smart contracts.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology
WhitepaperUniLend Finance White Paper Open

What is UniLend Finance

Unilend is supporting and offering comprehensive functionality for a vast range of digital assets. Here are some of the key elements of UniLend Protocol.

  • Permissionless listing
  • Any ERC20 token will be able to list without any entity controlling the listing process, making UniLend’s features accessible to every token.
  • Lending & borrowing
  • Users have the capability to unlock their token’s functionality for lending to receive an interest rate and for borrowing by paying an interest rate.
  • Trading
  • A corresponding trading pair will also operate on UniLend's platform to include decentralized spot trading functionality for platform users.
  • Governance
  • The protocol will be governed by its token holders through proposals in order to ensure adjustments to the protocol are made with a majority consensus.
  • Liquidity
  • By providing liquidity for asset trading and loans on Unilend's platform, users are able to receive fees in proportion to their liquidity pool stake.
  • Native Utility Token
  • The native utility token of UniLend will be UFT, Unilend Finance Token. The token will have multiple use cases for governance, platform utility, and much more.


    IEO (Binance Launchpad): Feb 23, 2021 - Feb 23, 2021


    Registration year: 2020

    Token info

    Ticker: UFT

    Project team

    Chandresh Aharwar
    Chandresh Aharwar
    Co-founder & CEO
    Chandresh Aharwar linkedin
    Suryansh Kumar
    Suryansh Kumar
    Co-founder & CTO
    Suryansh Kumar linkedin
    Tarun Malik
    Tarun Malik
    Co-founder & CPO
    Tarun Malik linkedin
    Rishabh Rathore
    Rishabh Rathore
    Blockchain Engineer
    Rishabh Rathore linkedin
    Ayush Garg
    Ayush Garg
    Marketing & Operations Lead
    Ayush Garg linkedin
    Vivek kumar Bhagat
    Vivek kumar Bhagat
    Legal & Compliance
    Vivek kumar Bhagat linkedin
    Vishal Kothari
    Vishal Kothari
    Community Lead
    Vishal Kothari linkedin
    Juned Theba
    Juned Theba
    Design Lead
    Juned Theba linkedin


    Ravindra Kumar
    Ravindra Kumar
    Founder & CEO at frontierwallet
    Ravindra Kumar linkedin

    Social media

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