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Goshen Network is a fully Ethereum-equivalent optimistic rollup protocol that utilizes a RISC-V machine to support on-chain computing and provides a trustless Layer 2 environment to perform transactions.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol
WhitepaperGoshen Network White Paper Open

What is Goshen Network

Goshen Network ensures the simplicity and versatility of the entire protocol by adopting a layered design in its architecture. At the bottom layer is a general-purpose computing environment for the L2 based on RISC-V, migrating L1 computations off-chain in a trustless manner. On this basis, L2 implements L1’s state transition logic, ensuring full compatibility with the L1 ecosystem. A reliable cross-Layer message communication mechanism is further constructed to provide the interoperability between L1 and L2 for building upper-layer applications such as a token bridge. In terms of the design of on-chain challenges, the interactive challenge protocol not only reduces the costs on-chain, but also improves the robustness of the protocol.


Registration year: 2022

Goshen Network Roadmap

To be confirmed

Ethereum-equivalent local TestNet
Ethereum-equivalent Goerli Testnet
Rollup data compression
Open Ethereum Mainnet
Ethereum data blobs support
Collaborative interactive challenge fraud proof
Decentralized sequencer and more efficient protocol
Ethereum data sharding

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