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Feb 20, 2023 – Jun 30, 2023
Token sale: Jul 01, 2023 – Jul 01, 2023

Zenland is the first no-code smart contract platform that allows non-technical users to safely buy and sell products or services to anyone over the internet.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typePlatform
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What is Zenland

Zenland is the first no-code smart contract platform where anyone buying or selling products/services can be sure the deal is safe.

This is done through a smart contract, a simple programmable agreement between two parties. Such agreement is written in the form of computer code and stored on the blockchain.

Smart contracts are simpler and faster alternatives to formal agreements. They can easily be created and deployed through the Zenland platform by anyone without knowing how to code.

Zenland builds a sustainable smart contract ecosystem for a seamless transition to web3. In that sense, Zenland products are vehicles of change in our routine daily interactions with peers over the internet.

As a gateway to smart contracts, we are committed to connecting non-technical users with smart contract technology for its transparent and trustless mainstream application (mass adoption) and use.

We intend to promote our vision through the constant delivery of our promises of verified trust, and a central focus on continuous improvement, decentralization of power, and collective input.


Pre-sales: Feb 20, 2023 - Jun 30, 2023
Public sales: Jul 01, 2023 - Jul 01, 2023
Token supply: 200,000,000 ZENF


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

Token info

Ticker: ZENF
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 ZENF = 0.03 USD
Accepted currencies: USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD
Token distribution:
21% - Marketing
18% - Development
18% - Presale
15% - Team
10% - Community
8% - IDO
5% - Early adopters
5% - Treasury

Zenland Roadmap

Q3 2021
  • Zenland idea and brainstorming
  • Smart contract escrow research
  • Concept development
  • Team buy-in discussions
  • White-board user story mapping
  • Resource building (bootstrapped)
Q4 2021
  • MVP design and prototyping
  • Sketching and wireframing
  • Escrow smart contract form
  • Contract control interface
  • Contract chat interface
  • UI/UX elements & brand kit
Q1 2022
  • Ethereum smart contract model
  • Escrow logic implementation
  • Dispute resolution logic
  • User hypothesis testing
  • Ethereum deployment
  • Documentation v1.0
Q2 2022
  • MVP development
  • Metamask wallet integration
  • Backend integration
  • 5 EVM networks integration
  • Official website launch
  • Public beta release
Q3 2022
  • Multi-browser support
  • Bug fixing and UI/UX optimization
  • EVM compatibility tests
  • Competitor analysis & research
  • Marketing startegy
  • Knowledge Base v.1.0
Q4 2022
  • Phase I beta testing
  • Escrow smart contract audit
  • Zenland official release
  • Lightpaper v.1.0
  • Tokenomics research
  • Mass adoption strategy
Q1 2023
  • TGE strategy development
  • Whitepaper v.1.0
  • Documentation v.2.0
  • Phase II beta testing
  • Token contract audit
  • Token minting
  • Ad/bounty campaigns
Q2 2023
  • Pre-approved model development
  • User item listings/moderation
  • Zenland mobile optimization
  • Early adopters program
  • Strategic L1, L2 partnerships
  • ZENF token IDO
Q3 2023
  • Profile security and analytics
  • Full profile reputation analytics
  • Platform's multichain compatibility
  • Fraud report system
  • Whitepaper v.2.0
  • Niche marketing ads
Q4 2023
  • Full EVM-compatibility
  • 7 more networks integration
  • Custom network settings
  • Support for more stablecoins/tokens
  • Documentation v.3.0
  • Multichannel marketing

Project team

Dior Khasanov
Dior Khasanov
Founder & CEO
Dior Khasanov linkedin
Rakhmatilla Aliev
Rakhmatilla Aliev
Market analyst
Rakhmatilla Aliev linkedin
Ruslan Shamsutdinov
Ruslan Shamsutdinov
Team lead & backend developer
Ruslan Shamsutdinov linkedin
Mila Kim
Mila Kim
Content writer
Mila Kim linkedin
Olim Ruzibaev
Olim Ruzibaev
Product designer
Olim Ruzibaev linkedin
Khusan Kodirov
Khusan Kodirov
QA manager
Khusan Kodirov linkedin
Ravshanbek Khalimov
Ravshanbek Khalimov
Front-end developer
Ravshanbek Khalimov linkedin

Social media

Zenland web-siteZenland MediumZenlandYouTubeZenland TelegramZenland LinkedInZenland TwitterZenland DiscordZenland Github



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