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Group Project: The Standard for Verifying & Authenticating Goods and Services Using Blockchain.

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Project industryIdentity & Reputation
Product typeTechnology

What is Group Project

  • Powered By Phone. Crypto-Tag does not run on battery. Once scanned by an NFC enabled mobile device, power is sent through the air and the Crypto-Tag will automatically authenticate the product.
  • Receive Encrypted Data. Crypto-Tag will add to the blockchain with the data pushed by the manufacturers, distributors, and retailers during transactions. Data such as when/where products are made are just a few examples of what Crypto-Tag will record on the blockchain.
  • Real-Time Authentication. Each Crypto-Tag utilizes the network hash in real-time to determine its origin and transactions. Each Crypto-Tag is unique and impossible to replicate making it impossible for counterfeiters to pass along fake goods as real.


Token supply: 25000000
Soft cap: 3,000ETH

Token info

Ticker: GRUP
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.001000 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
25% discount during the pre-sale
Token distribution:
25% - Pre-ICO & ICO
57% - Founders
6% - Angel Investors
8% - Company Team Members
2% - Advisory Board
2% - ICO Launch Services

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