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KYVE, the web3 data lake solution, is a protocol that enables data providers to standardize, validate, and permanently store blockchain data streams. By leveraging permanent data storage solutions like Arweave, KYVE’s Cosmos SDK chain creates permanent backups and ensures the scalability, immutability, and availability of these resources over time.

Funding Round: $9 Million

Seed Round: $2.8 Million

Pre Seed Round: $1 Million

Running a protocol node. Details

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol

What is KYVE

KYVE is a decentralized archival network that reconstitutes data streams as permanent resources. Any generated data stream — for example, a sequence of blocks from a blockchain — is standardized, proven valid, and stored permanently. By leveraging Arweave, KYVE secures the scalability, immutability, and availability of these resources over time.

KYVE’s architecture is fully decentralized and features two main components. The first is an autonomous governance system that handles “breaches of contract”. Governance functionality is enabled by way of staking and slashing $KYVE, ensuring participants behave in harmony with the network’s objectives. The second is a computational layer that allows for participants to run customizable nodes. In exchange for $KYVE, nodes run various tasks. Inheriting from core KYVE logic, these nodes validate, standardize, and archive data streams.

To the community, KYVE the $KYVE token. This token decentralized governance enables within the protocol. Distributed to successful network participants, $KYVE serves as a reward for objectives met.


Token supply: 1,000,000,000 KYVE
Raised: 11,800,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Cosmos SDK
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: KYVE
Token distribution:
Ecosystem - 27.50%
Korellia Testnet Rewards - 2.00%
Foundation Delegation - 10.00%
Developer Adoption - 10.00%
DEX - 2.50%
R1 - 10.00%
R2 - 11.50%
R3 - 10.00%
Team - 16.50%

KYVE Roadmap

Q1-Q2 2022
  • PoC Governance
  • Improve network stability
  • Improve slashing mechanisms
  • Incentivized Testnet
  • Continued Integrations with L1s and L2s
Q3-Q4 2022
  • Governance and Data Indexing Launch
  • End of Incentivized Testnet
  • Wallet support
  • New integrations
  • Protocol Improvements
Q1-Q2 2023
  • Website V3
  • Audit
  • Oracle Beta
  • Genesis Validator Program
  • Mainnet Launch
  • Bug bounty program
Q3-Q4 2023
  • Grant Program
  • Web App V3
  • KYVE 2.0

Project team

Fabian Riewe
Fabian Riewe
CEO // Co-Founder
Fabian Riewe linkedin
John Letey
John Letey
CTO // Co-Founder
John Letey linkedin
Maximilian Höres
Maximilian Höres
Business Operations Manager
Maximilian Höres linkedin
Andrzej Omietański
Andrzej Omietański
General Counsel
Troy Kessler
Troy Kessler
Lead Developer
Troy Kessler linkedin
Maximilian Breithecker
Maximilian Breithecker
Blockchain Developer
Christopher Brumm
Christopher Brumm
Software Developer
Christopher Brumm linkedin
Ruslan Hlaznov
Ruslan Hlaznov
Blockchain Developer
Oscar Belman
Oscar Belman
Product Manager
Oscar Belman linkedin
Margaux Stancil
Margaux Stancil
Marketing Manager
Margaux Stancil linkedin
Paul Bramas
Paul Bramas
Social Media Manager
Paul Bramas linkedin
Amelie Gath
Amelie Gath
Operation Manager
Julien Blouet
Julien Blouet
Lead Designer
Julien Blouet linkedin


Fezyla Mokrani-Zemour
Fezyla Mokrani-Zemour
Fezyla Mokrani-Zemour linkedin
Kevin Leuthardt
Kevin Leuthardt
Financial Advisor
Kevin Leuthardt linkedin

Social media

KYVE web-siteKYVE RedditKYVE MediumKYVEYouTubeKYVE TelegramKYVE LinkedInKYVE TwitterKYVE DiscordKYVE Github



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