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Matic Network provides scalable and instant Ethereum transactions using side chains. Matic Network uses an adapted version of plasma philosophy to transfer tokens instantly.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typePlatform


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What is Matic

Our Vision

We are a team passionate about decentralization and better products. The current decentralized eco-system lacks usability and convenience. Decentralized transactions are slow, expensive and complex.

We aim to change this by leveraging a combination of blockchain scaling, developer platform and tools, and a rabid focus on user experience. We aspire to see a world where blockchain gains mainstream adoption, and fulfills it's true promise.

Matic Network strives to solve the scalability and usability issues while not compromising on decentralization and leveraging existing developer community and ecosystem. Matic Network is built on the foundation of PLASMA philosophy as an off/side chain scaling solution for existing platforms and provide scalability and superior user experience to Dapps/user functionalities built on top of these platforms.

We have chosen Ethereum as the first platform to showcase our scalability and we already have a working implementation for Ethereum on Kovan Testnet. We also intend to launch the alpha version of our Mainnet with working Dapps before the ICO. It allows instant transfers, exchange and conversion of digital assets (e.g. crypto tokens) and cryptocurrencies in future (Bitcoin using Swingby protocol ). It’s an adapted implementation of Plasma methodology for Ethereum to start with but our “vision” is to provide off/side chain scaling solution for blockchains in general. Matic strives to achieve high degree of decentralization with trust-less and decentralized execution while ensuring near instant transfers, low fees and conducive economics for micro transactions. Matic’s open source foundation intends to provide Matic wallet, payment APIs SDKs, products, identity solutions and other enabling solutions that will allow developers to design, implement and migrate DAPPs built on base platforms like Ethereum. One of the key pillars of Matic Network’s ideology is user experience which is very poor for Blockchain applications as of now.


IEO (Binance Launchpad): Apr 25, 2019 - Apr 25, 2019
Token supply: 10,000,000,000 MTX
Total tokens for sale: 1,900,000,000 MTX
Hard cap: 5,000,000 USD
Raised: 5,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

Token info

Ticker: MTX
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 MTX =0.02 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Funds allocation:
23.3% - Ecosystem
22% - Foundation
19% - Launchpad Sale
16% - Team
12% - Staking Rewards
4% - Advisors
2% - Seed Round
1.7% - Private Sale

Matic Roadmap

AUG 2018
  • Payments on Matic testnet v1
  • ERC20 Support including Wrapped Ether - Matic Testnet
  • Contracts on Kovan testnet
  • Dagger - Zapier Integration
  • 2
    SEP 2018
  • Plasma Fast exits - NFT token
  • 3
    OCT 2018
  • API & SDK release v0.5
  • Matic Mobile App (Plasma chain & WalletConnect integration) - Alpha release
  • Developer docs - Testnet
  • 4
    NOV 2018
  • API & SDK release v0.6 - Testnet
  • 5
    DEC 2018
  • Matic Mobile App (Plasma chain & WalletConnect integration) - improvements to alpha
  • 6
    JAN 2019
  • ERC721 support - Matic Testnet
  • Matic Mobile App (Plasma chain & WalletConnect integration) - beta release
  • Developer docs - Tutorials
  • PoS implementation for staker nodes - Testnet
  • 7
    FEB 2019
  • Block explorer - alpha release
  • First DApps on Matic Network
  • ERC721/NFT Marketplace support - internal release
  • 8
    MAR 2019
  • Alphanet - Matic Network - testnet version 2
  • API & SDK release v0.7
  • 9
    APR 2019
  • Mainnet Alpha - Matic Network
  • NFT exit token - 0x integration - Kovan testnet
  • Dagger support for Matic chain
  • Upgradable smart contracts
  • Security audits and improvements
  • 10
    MAY 2019
  • Verifier/Watcher node - Alpha release
  • NFT exit token - Dharma integration - Kovan testnet
  • DEX support on Mobile App
  • API & SDK release v1.0
  • Wrapped Bitcoin support - Matic
  • 11
    JUN 2019
  • Verifier/Watcher - Fraud proofs challenges - beta
  • 12
    JUL 2019
  • Mainnet Beta - Matic Network
  • 0x protocol implementation on the Matic testnet
  • Plasma Fast exit services (integratable with any third-party Plasma implementation)
  • 13
    AUG 2019
  • NFT exit token - 0x integration - Ethereum mainnet
  • 14
    SEP 2019
  • Liquidity pool integration
  • Matic Network - Mainnet
  • Matic sidechain App Store
  • Bitcoin asset interoperability - testnet
  • 15
    OCT 2019
  • Governance research and pilot implementation
  • 16
    NOV 2019
  • Dharma protocol implementation on Matic testnet
  • 17
    DEC 2019
  • NFT exit token - Dharma integration - Ethereum mainnet
  • Enterprise support for Matic sidechains
  • Enterprise services
  • 18
    MAR 2020
  • Generalized Fraud Proofs - Testnet Alpha
  • Project team

    Jaynti Kanani
    Jaynti Kanani
    Co-founder & CEO
    Jaynti Kanani linkedin
    Sandeep Nailwal
    Sandeep Nailwal
    Co-founder & COO
    Sandeep Nailwal linkedin
    Anurag Arjun
    Anurag Arjun
    Co-founder & CPO
    Anurag Arjun linkedin
    Siddharth Jain
    Siddharth Jain
    VP - Operations & Marketing
    Siddharth Jain linkedin
    Chandresh Aharwar
    Chandresh Aharwar
    VP - Operations & Marketing
    Chandresh Aharwar linkedin
    Keyur Shah
    Keyur Shah
    VP - Finance & Operations
    Keyur Shah linkedin
    Dalpat Prajapati
    Dalpat Prajapati
    Head of Design
    Dalpat Prajapati linkedin
    Vaibhav Chellani
    Vaibhav Chellani
    Blockchain Engineer
    Vaibhav Chellani linkedin
    Ashish Rajpurohit
    Ashish Rajpurohit
    Blockchain Engineer
    Ashish Rajpurohit linkedin
    Arpit Agarwal
    Arpit Agarwal
    Blockchain Engineer
    Arpit Agarwal linkedin
    Sayli Patil
    Sayli Patil
    Application Engineer
    Sayli Patil linkedin
    Delroy Bosco
    Delroy Bosco
    Product Manager
    Delroy Bosco linkedin
    Nirbhik Jangid
    Nirbhik Jangid
    Community Manager
    Nirbhik Jangid linkedin
    Abhriya Roy
    Abhriya Roy
    Mobile Engineer
    Abhriya Roy linkedin
    Venkatesh Mankena
    Venkatesh Mankena
    Blockchain Engineer
    Venkatesh Mankena linkedin
    Arth Patel
    Arth Patel
    Blockchain Platform Engineer
    Arth Patel linkedin
    Shreyansh Singh
    Shreyansh Singh
    Marketing & Operations Lead
    Shreyansh Singh linkedin
    Angela Gilhotra
    Angela Gilhotra
    Developer Evangelist
    Angela Gilhotra linkedin
    Deep Joshi
    Deep Joshi
    Product Design Intern
    Deep Joshi linkedin
    Manthankumar Satani
    Manthankumar Satani
    Frontend Developer
    Manthankumar Satani linkedin
    Sachin Mittal
    Sachin Mittal
    Pre-Sales Engineer
    Sachin Mittal linkedin
    Jyoti Prajapati
    Jyoti Prajapati
    iOS Engineer
    Jyoti Prajapati linkedin
    Ramakrishna Kosaraju
    Ramakrishna Kosaraju
    DevOps Engineer
    Ramakrishna Kosaraju linkedin
    Himanshu Garg
    Himanshu Garg
    DevOps Engineer Intern
    Himanshu Garg linkedin
    Sanchay Mittal
    Sanchay Mittal
    Software Developer
    Sanchay Mittal linkedin


    Esteban Ordano
    Esteban Ordano
    Founder & CTO at Decentraland
    Esteban Ordano linkedin
    Pete Kim
    Pete Kim
    Head of Engineering, Wallet at Coinbase
    Pete Kim linkedin
    Ari Meilich
    Ari Meilich
    Project Lead at Decentraland
    Ari Meilich linkedin

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