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Ongoing IEO
Token sale: Dec 18, 2020 – Feb 01, 2021

QuogLab means “Solutions for Humanity”. Our goal is to eliminate disease by converting biology to information technology. We are working within the Cryptocurrency world and blending the Blockchain world with the science of Genetic Editing and the power of Quantum Computing to solve today’s biggest problems.

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Project industryHealth & Medicine

What is QuogLab

Quoglab, delivering cures for disease while simultaneously creating a new value chain, optimized and decentralized, for the healthcare industry. Exponential technologies drive this innovation. Converting the means of production into a “New Digital Asset” called the Quog, which incentivizes exceptional performance and replaces (or provides an option too) the current legacy economic system in the healthcare industry, which rewards mediocrity with wealth creation.

Quogology is not only the backbone of our internal systems, its application to the healthcare industry brings autonomy, as if the interconnecting parts of the industry had a single mind. And as these components spontaneously march to the beat of their own drummer, they organize, adapt, and evolve toward greater solutions than are produced by authoritative governance.


IEO (Exmarkets Launchpad): Dec 18, 2020 - Feb 01, 2021
Token supply: 800,000,000 QU
Total tokens for sale: 200,000,000 QU
Hard cap: 500,000,000 USD


Country limitations: USA, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands, Minor Outlying Islands, Bajo Nuevo Bank, Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Islands, Navassa Island, Palmyra Atoll.
Office address: Via Pave 30 Rapino, Italy 66010

Token info

Ticker: QU
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 QU = 1 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT

QuogLab Roadmap

Phase 1- Q1 to Q4
  • Cure-Finalize Trials
  • Communication (inspiration) Strategy-Swarm Adopters-Stake Holders, Investors,Charities,PR, Social Media, Bloggers, YouTubers etc.
  • Build the Healthcare Blockchain including Cryto Currency development ,Digital/Wallet/POS/Exchange strategy.
  • .Build the Governance/Contribution/Rewards Platform (AI) for Engagement-Token Holders, Product Support, Patient Support, Medical Professional Training, Contests, attracting Kaggle Data Scientists, Insurance Industry Agents , Swarm.
  • Develop Distribution Model-DAPP for Health insurance Agents 1,000,000 and other side hustlers/Disruption Strategy for the Side Gig Economy
  • Build Teams to identify and substantiate initial markets for democratization and delivery, Build Organization/Talent
  • Implement Collaboration Relationships - QIS, Quantum Computing, AI, Capital Expenditures, Investment strategies and goals ( Do we invest in resources or companies ? etc.)
  • Organizational - Build Leadership and Management teams
  • 2
    Phase 2 Q5 to Q8
  • Implementation of the Cure -2500-5000 human tests. Sell DNA Testing, Acquire genetic sequencing equipment,Purchase several Bariatric Companies.
  • Network - Qualcomm 5G- IOT,NLP including Devices. Smart Home,Enterprise and City Strategy/Implementation, Smart Contract
  • Campaign to recruit MDs,Healthcare Institutions,Hospitals. Initiatives Private and academic etc. for our Tech Package or Quogology Initiative.
  • Complete our Supply Chain- Evaluate 3rd Party Payers and Government Contracts
  • Quantum Strategy- Blockchain,AI,QIOT,QIS, Internet, NLP etc.
  • 3
    Phase 3 Q9 to Q20
  • Full Scale Marketing and Selling Cures
  • Completel Quantum Implementation
  • Complete Quogology Offering and Market Quogology
  • Blitzkrieg- Viral Marketing to Potential base of Distributors
  • Build QL Clinics, Franchise Program, Licensing Program.
  • Develop an Acquisition Program
  • Build a Full Scale Research and Development Division
  • Social media

    QuogLab web-siteQuogLab LinkedInQuogLab TwitterQuogLab Facebook

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