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Token exchange of sports team statistics. Changing the betting industry. Explore a new world of fair play at sports events.
While buying tokens of sports teams, you can earn on their performance.

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Project industryGambling & Betting
Product typePlatform
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What is STEM

STEM is a sports team exchange where each sports club has its own token, and that token has its own cost. The token cost is defined with clear indicators such as statistic of team performance, rating, the cost of team players and some others. Based on these data, criteria for token emission and cost are shaped. All indicators are available for any internet user. The better team plays the higher its indicators and more expensive its tokens. And vice versa: if the team makes statistic worse its tokens are getting cheaper.

Similarly, to stock exchange users can predict changes of token price while analyzing and predicting results of the game for future matches. In this way they can make money on the rise and fall of token price. That mechanism provides more confidence for sports lovers and helps to avoid some risk of losing all the money if the team loses the game or even the whole season. In case the indicators are getting worse, the token cost might decrease but later, might return to the original price or even exceed it. Moreover, while buying and keeping tokens you always can show the loyalty to your favorite sports club, empathize, and follow all the sports events with it.

STEM is an exchange where each sports team has its own virtual currency.

Tokens are a kind of virtual currency for every sports team. All teams have such indicators as: game statistics, ratings and player cost. The price of tokens is determined by the totality of all data about the team. The higher the indicators, the more expensive the tokens, and vice versa. You can predict changes in the indicators, statistics and ratings of teams, thereby earning on the rise or fall of the value of tokens.


Public sales: Oct 01, 2021 - Dec 31, 2021
Token supply: 100,000,000 STEMX
Total tokens for sale: 15,000,000 STEMX
Soft cap: 200,000 USD
Hard cap: 600,000 USD
Raised: 33,877 USD


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain, WAVES, TRON
Registration country: United Kingdom
Registration year: 2021
Office address: 44b Orlovskaya str. Minsk Belarus
27, Old Gloucester Street, LONDON, WC1N 3AX, UNITED KINGDOM

Token info

Ticker: STEMX
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP-20
Token price in USD: 1 STEMX = 0.0133 USD
Accepted currencies: USDT, TRX, BNB, ETH, BUSD, BTC
Token distribution:
Investments and ICO - 55%
Team. Development Fund - 35%
Reserve - 5%
Liquidity - 5%

STEM Roadmap

Q4 2020
  • The foundation of the STEM project, the development of the project ecosystem pillars.
Q1 2021
  • The market analysis was carried out. Project team creation. The first dialogue with investors.
  • MVP Product Logic and Development Start
Q2 2021
  • Completion of the MVP demo and testing.
  • Preparation for ICO and search for early investors (common objective of the investment round 400 000$)
Q3 2021
  • Creating a STEMX token and listing on the exchange.
  • Start ICO.
  • Conducting marketing campaigns.
  • Listing of the token on other exchanges.
  • Start of STEM pilot development.
  • Completion of ICO and the first investment round.
Q4 2021
  • Continue STEM development & extend the team for STEM launch. (Project management, recruitment, improving STEM functionality)
Q1 2022
  • Launching a working version of STEM
  • Preparations for the second investment round (1 000 000 $)
Q2 2020
  • Completion of the second investment round. Active stage of development
Q3 2022
  • The first 150,000 active users. Solvency point.

Project team

Pavel Kozichev
Pavel Kozichev
Pavel Kozichev linkedin
Yuliya Maher
Yuliya Maher
Yuliya Maher linkedin
Alexei Savostyuk
Alexei Savostyuk
Project Manager
Alexei Savostyuk linkedin
Yurii Jidko
Yurii Jidko
Product Manager
Yurii Jidko linkedin
Pavel Sedov
Pavel Sedov
Pavel Sedov linkedin
Eduard Latsevich
Eduard Latsevich
Front-end developer
Eduard Latsevich linkedin

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