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Zecrey is a zk-rollup based Layer 2 protocol bringing cross chain support and privacy to your digital assets. Zecrey brings to the blockchain community a simple to use yet highly efficient cross-chain protocol based on zkRollup which includes the aggregation and management of digital assets from different public chain ecosystems (Ethereum, Near, Solana, BNB Chain etc).

Strategic Investment: $6 Million

Angel Round: $4 Million

Zecrey Public Testnet: Announcement

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol
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What is Zecrey

Zecrey is a zk-Rollup based Layer 2 protocol featuring privacy and scalability. From the perspective of products, Zecrey provides a user-friendly wallet containing L1s and Zecrey native L2s. There are two different types of Layer 2 systems embedded into our wallet, namely, Zecrey Zero and Zecrey Legend. The first mainly focuses on privacy features and the second mainly focuses on NFT issuance and NFT marketplace.

Zecrey Protocol is a zkrollup-based solution for vertical use cases, oriented towards asset and ownership. It focuses on a fundamental need for trading that is associated with two types of assets: fungible assets like ERC20 and non-fungible assets like ERC721/ERC1155. The basic demand we will meet includes multiple scenarios derived from fungible and non-fungible assets such as:

  • The transfer of tokens
  • The swap of tokens
  • The issuance and trading of NFT and so forth.

As part of our core functionality, we have ensured that Zecrey enables privacy features for fungible asset transactions, security level same as the underlying mainchain and faster transactions than any other platform. Apart from that, our solution based on zkRollup technology benefits users with:

  • Complete ownership of their assets.
  • Ultra-fast transaction confirmation speed
  • Ultra-low transaction fees.


Raised: 10,000,000 USD


Registration country: Singapore
Office address: 12 Purvis Street 02-10, Singapore, 188591

Zecrey Roadmap

Q1 2022
  • Contract Auditing
  • Layer 1 Mainnet
  • NFTs
Q2 2022
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Development on BNB Chain
Q3 2022
  • ZKBNB Open Source Release
  • Legend Testnet
  • NFT Marketplace Release
Q4 2022
  • Game-SDK Release
  • Legend Mainnet

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