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Past ICO
Jan 30, 2018 – Jun 30, 2018

ADAMANT is an anonymous messenger. A Blockchain-based system for data and message transfers along with an integrated payment system are providing a truly fundamental benefits for all-personal and business-like communications.

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ADAMANT (ADM) ratings ADAMANT (ADM) icorating ADAMANT (ADM) icobench 3.7 / 5
Hype score Medium ADAMANT (ADM) icomarks 7.1 / 10
Risk score NA ADAMANT (ADM) trackico 4.3 / 5
Investment rating NA ADAMANT (ADM) icoholder 3.7 / 5
Our rating


Project industry Social Network & Communication
Product type Platform
Founded Russia
ADAMANT (ADM) ICO White Paper White Paper
Bounty program


ADAMANT for individuals is a Blockchain messenger available from any device with anonymity and data protection, usability and integrated payment system.

ADAMANT Business is a corporate system for data and message transfers with an ability to digitally-sign documents and an integrated payment system that allows a company to reduce its internal transactional costs.

ICO Details

ICO token supply: 73,500,000 ADM
Soft cap: 500,000USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000USD
Raised: 3,997,108 USD


ICO Platform: Lisk
Registration country: Republic of Ireland
Office address: Office 29, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street Lower
Dublin 2, D02 XT91


Bounty: 8%

Token info

Ticker: ADM
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: Own
Token price in ETH: 1 ADM = 0.0002-0.0004 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, LTC, XMR, ETC, LSK, ZEC
Bonus program:
From 20 to 30 ETH - 20% for total ADM gain volume
from 30 to 50 ETH - 30% for total ADM gain volume
from 50 to 90 ETH - 40% for total ADM gain volume
more than 90 ETH - 50% for total ADM gain volume
80% (1 ADM = 0.001 ETH) - Pre-ICO
60% (1 ADM = 0.002 ETH) - ICO, 30 January—14 February
40% (1 ADM = 0.003 ETH) - ICO, 15 February—28 February
20% (1 ADM = 0.004 ETH) - ICO, 1 March—14 March
0% (1 ADM = 0.005 ETH) - ICO, 15 March—30 March
Token distribution:
75% - ICO campaign maintaining
4% - Reserve for system development and infrastructure support
4% - Business Service marketing reserve
9% - Initial Investors’ rewards
8% - Bounty Campaigns and initial user assessments.
Funds allocation:
10% - Infrastructure support
30% - Development
10% - External security and code auditions (reviews)
50% - Users involvement


Quarter 2, 2017

Developing ADAMANT conceptions
Consulting with industry experts
ADAMANT TestNet deployment

Quarter 3, 2017

Progressive Web App development (ADAMANT Wallet and Messenger)
Making the Whitepaper

Quarter 4, 2017

Website development
Starting up the ADAMANT MainNet
Making a full node distribution package
Creating ADAMANT Blockchain Explorer
Setting up information resources (social networks, forums and blogs)
Bounty Campaign launch
Pre-ICO launch (12/14/2017)

Quarter 1, 2018

Pre-ICO closure (01/14/2018)
ICO launch (01/30/2018)
ADAMANT Messenger promotion and adaptation fixes
Adding new languages and translations for information resources
Extending ADAMANT Messenger functionality (with user profiles, simpler login process and sending files / tokens right from the chat screen)
ICO end up (03/30/2018)

Quarter 2, 2018

Listing ADM tokens on the cryptocurrency markets
Infrastructure whole-scaling
Extending ADAMANT Messenger functionality (adding address book, group chats, search through messages, ability for chatroom closure)
Releasing ADAMANT Messenger native application for iOS

Quarter 3, 2018

Introducing ADAMANT Business Service (with blockchain storing for documents and their digital signing)
Releasing ADAMANT Messenger native application for Android
Marketing campaigns

Quarter 4, 2018

Setting up ADAMANT Business Service for partner companies.
Marketing campaigns
Security Audit

Project team

Pavel Evgenov
Product manager in ADAMANT (ADM) - 2
Artem Vorobev
Product manager
Public relations in ADAMANT (ADM) - 3
Sergey Lebedev
Public relations
Lead developer in ADAMANT (ADM) - 4
Alexey Lebedev
Lead developer
Lead developer in ADAMANT (ADM) - 5
Dmitriy Soloduhin
Lead developer
Lead designer in ADAMANT (ADM) - 6
Maxim Pikhtovnikov
Lead designer
iOS Developer in ADAMANT (ADM) - 7
Pavel Anokhov
iOS Developer


 in ADAMANT (ADM) - 8
Leonid Anisimov

Social media

Web-site YouTube Telegram btctalk Twitter Facebook slack github


App store Google Play

User rating:

5/5 ( 5 )

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Height: 50 px
Widht: 160 px

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