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Avem is aiming to be a Layer 1 Blockchain built on top of Polkadot as a Decentralized Parachain.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeEcosystem

What is Avem

Avem offers a fully interoperable DeFi platform to mitigate future risk as well as building a DLT bank.

Our infrastructure has certain characteristics that give us an edge over other parachains as we are fully adapted to the banking world.

Our blockchain will be KYC and KYB regulated and will include zero-knowledge proofs to make private and compliant money transfers between institutions and retailers a reality.

The Avem ecosystem consists of several parts:

  • DEX Is a Cross-Chain DEX built on top of Polkadot through Avem's parachain. Is the regulated DEX where retail and institutions can do swaps and much more. Cross-Chain is key to achieve a 360º ecosystem with the aim of swapping as many tokens as possible.
  • Lending and Borrowing Is a new concept of Lending and Borrowing, users can collateralize their lending with much more than utility tokens. Is also possible to collateralize it with security tokens (such as a house) or a plot of land in a Metaverse (Decentraland, The Sandbox, etc.).
  • Accelerator Platform The Accelerator platform model consists in offering investors who have blocked tokens, the opportunity to enter a pre-sale with a specific amount of capital, in order the new project can raise money.
  • Node Staking Avem network runs thanks to collator nodes that are validated through a delegated proof of stake
  • NFTs The concept of Avem NFTs is based on creating something different and innovative in the Non-fungible tokens sector, starting from several products that we will implemented in our platform
  • Governance Avem's governance system will progressively end up completely in the hands of its holders and the community. This system will allow distributed decision-making through the Polkadot ecosystems, with their respective parachains.


IDO (Daolaunch Launchpad): Jul 11, 2022 - Aug 10, 2022
Pre-sale token supply: 140,020,160 AVEM
Token supply: 1,000,1444,000 AVEM
Total tokens for sale: 170,024,480 AVEM


Blockchain Platform: Polkadot
Registration country: Switzerland
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: AVEM
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 AVEM = 0,115 USD
Accepted currencies: BUSD
Token distribution:
4% - Seed Sale
10% - Private Sale
3% - Public Sale
13% - Team
3% - Advisory Board
10% - Ecosystem Development
30% - Rewards
5% - Liquidity Program
15% - Treasury
7% - Community Reserve

Avem Roadmap

  • Avem company structure
  • Development Kick-Off
  • Implement Substrate
  • Official Website Launch
  • Tech Partnerships
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Testnet Release
  • Web3 Foundation Grant
  • Parachain Auction
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Mainnet Release
  • Application for Security Tokens License
  • DApps Development
  • DEX Development
  • Accelerator Platfotm development
  • Lending and Borrowing development

Project team

Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez
CEO & Co-Founder
Alex Hernandez linkedin
Bernat Ferragut
Bernat Ferragut
Bernat Ferragut linkedin
Toni Peset
Toni Peset
CPO & Co-Founder
Toni Peset linkedin
Alexandre Carvalho
Alexandre Carvalho
Alexandre Carvalho linkedin
Diana Daleman
Diana Daleman
Diana Daleman linkedin
Marcelo da Silva
Marcelo da Silva
Back End Developer
Samir Antoun
Samir Antoun
Full Stack Developer
Samir Antoun linkedin
Lina Pinilla
Lina Pinilla
Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Lina Pinilla linkedin
Michael Thomsen
Michael Thomsen
Frontend Developer
Michael Thomsen linkedin
Rafael Godoy
Rafael Godoy
Full Stack Developer
Gabriëlla Modderman
Gabriëlla Modderman
Gabriëlla Modderman linkedin
Demari Cameron
Demari Cameron
Front End Developer
Simon Martinov
Simon Martinov
Head of Design
Simon Martinov linkedin
Cristina Hernández
Cristina Hernández
Head of HR
Cristina Hernández linkedin


Yida Gao
Yida Gao
Forbes 30 Under 30
Yida Gao linkedin
Luke Kim
Luke Kim
Co-Founder Berkley Blockchain Xcelerator
Luke Kim linkedin
Garlam Won
Garlam Won
Managing Partner at Momentum 6
Garlam Won linkedin

Social media

Avem web-siteAvem MediumAvem TelegramAvem LinkedInAvem Twitter

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