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Battle For Giostone is a MOBA game, steeped in lore, with compelling “gameplay first” mechanics.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeMetaverse
FoundedMacedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

What is Battle For Giostone

Battle For Giostone includes a number of P2E mechanisms, all of which are based in a revolutionary model for sustainable economic activity. The idealized notion that value is shared through gratuitous emissions, without real underlying activity support it, is hopefully, passé.

The BFG economy has been carefully designed, and allows for a looped economic system, where Gamers bring revenue to Investors, and Investors bring revenue to Gamers, within a mutually beneficial architecture.

Some features of the BFG economic cycle:

  • Earning NFTs are forged by BFG holders, where BFG gets locked — entitling them to rewards generated from economic activity within the game.
  • Forging NFTs exercises a tax where funds are placed into the Player Rewards pool, creating non-inflationary yield.
  • The Player Rewards pool is used to reward skilled champions playing Battle For Giostone.
  • Within this gameplay loop, players may receive modifiers that boost the earning power of NFTs, which can be sold in the secondary marketplace (tokens flow to players).
  • BFG producing NFTs are seniority based so longer-term users are always first to earn. Depending on the flow of rewards coming into the system, an NFTs earning power will vary.

BFG is the ERC-20 governance token for the BFG Universe. BFG Holders will be able to vote for future updates on the game and earn rewards.


IEO (Avalaunch Launchpad): Sep 25, 2022 - Oct 04, 2022
Pre-sale token supply: 34,500,000 BFG
Token supply: 150,000,000 BFG
Total tokens for sale: 42,000,000 BFG
Soft cap: 420,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Avalanche
Country limitations: US, North Korea, Iran
Registration year: 2020

Token info

Ticker: BFG
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 BFG = 0,053 USD
Accepted currencies: AVAX
Token distribution:
3% - Pre-Seed
20% - Seed
5% - Public
8% - Liquidity
20% - Player Rewards
14% - Staking
6% - Esports
20% - Team
4% - Reserve Fund

Battle For Giostone Roadmap

March 2021
  • Initial Idea & Game Concept
April 2021
  • Team Formation
July 2021
  • Hiring Dev & Arts Team
  • PC Pre-production phase and GDD
Q1 2022
  • BFG ERC20 token development
  • Official Website Launch
  • BFG Staking Platform Dev
  • PC game Production phase
Q2 2022
  • SEED Round Funding
  • Official Forum Launch
  • Closed MVP Game launch
Q3 2022
  • Closed Pre-Alpha Game Launch
  • GST utility token launched ( Utility )
  • NFT ERC-721 token launch ( Heroes )
  • NFT Heroes Pre-Sale
  • Marketplace Launch
  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Liquidity pools created
Q4 2022
  • Open Alpha Game Launch
  • Story Mode
  • Esports
Q1 2023
  • Android, IOS and ubuntu relese

Project team

Mile Gramatikov
Mile Gramatikov
Founder / CEO
Mile Gramatikov linkedin
Vasko Pop Gligorov
Vasko Pop Gligorov
Vasko Pop Gligorov linkedin
Dimitar Solakov
Dimitar Solakov
Co-Founder & COO
Dimitar Solakov linkedin
Ana Toseva
Ana Toseva
Co-Founder & CTO
Ana Toseva linkedin
Stojanco Gorbasliev
Stojanco Gorbasliev
Co-Founder & Growth Lead
Stojanco Gorbasliev linkedin
Lazar Lazarovski
Lazar Lazarovski
Marketing Lead
Lazar Lazarovski linkedin
Nikola Aleksovski
Nikola Aleksovski
Graphic Designer
Nikola Aleksovski linkedin
Alexander Ljushev
Alexander Ljushev
Art Director
Alexander Ljushev linkedin
Serhiy Shynkarenko
Serhiy Shynkarenko
Executive Producer
Serhiy Shynkarenko linkedin
Petar Dzidzev
Petar Dzidzev
Community Developer
Petar Dzidzev linkedin
Kiril Lisichkov
Kiril Lisichkov
Co-Founder & QA
Kiril Lisichkov linkedin
Stefan Savevski
Stefan Savevski
Content Writer
Stefan Savevski linkedin


Mile Nikolikj
Mile Nikolikj
Strategic Advisor
Mile Nikolikj linkedin

Social media

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