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CarnaLife is an AI-based analytical telemedicine system.. It is an innovative tool that enables patients to record the results of medical examination and, as a result, quicker analysis by specialists. It is CE marked solution for medical specialists.

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Project industry Health & Medicine
Product type Technology
Founded United Kingdom



As technology and science continue to innovate, all major industries are looking to come up with new ways to bring exciting concepts to life.

As e-commerce became mainstream, it was due to the warehousing strategy developed by Amazon. This made delivering products and services to people globally in the most efficient and timely manner.

Healthcare has seen marvelous strides in the past few decades. Our average life expectancy has been higher than it has ever been. In 1900s the average life expectancy of 31 years.

The time in human history when we witnessed the most number of newborn deaths was in the 1900s. About 40% of all newborn babies would die within the first year. This continued for decades until it was discovered that the doctors who were delivering the babies were also the ones who carried out autopsy on the dead patients. It was found out that simply by washing their hands, there was a 90% drop in the number of newborn deaths. This is how the importance of sanitation was discovered.

Over the years, the field of medical science has seen astronomical advances, we have been successful in eradicating horrific diseases like plague, small-pox and polio from our planet.

Air Pollution

As air pollution and global warming continue to increase at an accelerated phase, taking care of one’s health and well-being has become paramount. The statistics are alarming, nearly 4.6 million people die each year from air pollution. Imagine the suffering faced and then losing your life by simply breathing.

Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are also on a steep rise, millions of people suffer from heart-related ailments. 17.9 million people died from heart disease in 2016 alone, this accounts for 31% of all deaths globally. This data serves as a reminder on the importance of monitoring our health and well-being.

This whitepaper discusses the challenges that the health and wellness industry is currently facing. It talks about how CarnaLife is revolutionizing the way we look at healthcare.


CarnaLife’s approach to healthcare is through an analytical telemedicine system. The CarnaLife analytical telemedicine system is built on years of research and innovation. This tool can be used by patients for recording medical test, while doctors can use these tests to diagnose the patient’s health.

The data analysis is supplemented with a built-in smart algorithm which helps in the prioritization and interpretation of the results. It also notifies the patient the need for consulting with a medical specialist.

This system is available on a wide variety of platforms including Android, iOS and Windows 10. CarnaLife is designed from the ground up to be a modular system. This means that it can function even without the implementation and installation of the complete solution. Furthermore, the data obtained is stored in the cloud in encrypted form. This protects the patient’s personal and confidential information from potential data breaches.

Our application is designed to function online as well as offline. When an internet connection is absent, which is usually the case in remote areas, patients and doctors can still review the data obtained. This allows the analysis of data from virtually any location on earth. Patients can also share their health data and medical tests with doctors for further consultation and analysis.

Once a specialist has reviewed the medical reports, all measurable aspects of the health report is automatically identified by CarnaLife’s algorithm. The collected data can now be presented graphically in the form of charts and tables.

As new data is added to the database, statistics become even more useful, making the specialist’s work easier and streamlined. This allows healthcare professionals to provide a faster diagnosis which facilitates the speed at which the the prognosis proceeds, this greatly boost the chances of cure and survival.

The final result is a professionally prepared document which contains all the test reports, investigations and findings from the available data.

CarnaLife Analytical Telemedicine system Here are the products categories in which the CarnaLife system is divided:

  • CarnaLife Lite - application for patients
  • CarnaLife System - application for medical professionals
  • There are two more product that support the aforementioned systems

  • Holo - augmented reality application
  • Server - 24/7 cloud based server responsible for data encryption and harvesting from telemedical devices
  • Details

    Total tokens for sale: 10,000,000,000 CLC
    Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Registration year: 2010

    Token info

    Ticker: CLC
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in USD: 1 CLC = 0.01 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, USD, GBP, EUR
    Token distribution:
    28% - Crowd Sale
    20% - Business Franchise Sale
    16% - Marketing
    15% - Reserve Fund
    8% - Research & Tech. Development
    8% - Team & Advisors
    3% - Legal Expences
    2% - Founders
    Funds allocation:
    40% - Technology Development
    30% - Sales & Marketing
    20% - Business Operation
    5% - Legal & Consulting
    5% - Other Expenses

    Carna Life (CLC) ICO Roadmap

    October 2010

    Company Incorporated

    October 2011

    Public Company Since

    September 2015

    Launching a TeleECG Project

    October 2015

    Employing Project manager and developers

    November 2015

    Starting developing CarnaLife system

    February 2016

    Extending CarnaLife functionalities with non-ECG exams like: dermatology, temperature, weight, blood glucose level, blood pressure level, CT, MRI, KTG, pulseoximetry.

    June 2016

    Medapp takes the stage on Impact’17 Medapp acquires CE certification First International Holographic Teletransmission is conducted.

    September 2016

    First pilots of certified CarnaLife system in medical facilities in Poland.

    January 2017

    Implementation of CarnaLife system in Cardiac Hospital.

    February 2017

    Launching own telemedical center - Telemedica.

    May 2017

    First ablation treatment with presentation using CarnaLife System .

    August 2017

    Medapp and Microsoft strengthen ties.Implementation of CarnaLife system in Cardiology Clinic and Hospital

    September 2017

    Implementation of a demo kiosk with telemedical devices and CarnaLife system in 6 clinics across Poland.

    October 2017

    Pilot of CarnaLife System in Tallinn, Estonia.

    November 2017

    CarnaLife Holo shown in Kazakhstan.

    December 2017

    MedApp brings Azure-based telemedicine to doctors and patients worldwide.

    February 2018

    Medapp becomes and official Microsoft Partner.

    18 October 2018

    Private Sale

    December 2018

    Implementation of Mobile Application connected with European Telemedical Telecare Centrum.Start the development of a blockchain-based CarnaLife System.

    14 January 2019

    Pre-sale Starts

    15 February 2019

    Crowd Sale Starts (ICO).

    March 2019

    Launching the blockchain-based CarnaLife system – Tier 1.Implementation of Patient Application for MacOS and Linux.

    April 2019

    Blockchain validated reviews,Increasing security,Telemedical Telecare Centrum audit.

    May 2019

    Telemedical Telecare Centrum audit,Starting organizing GCC Telemedical Telecare Centrum. Token Listing on tier-2 exchanges.

    June 2019

    Implementation of cryptocurrency payments, smart contracts and blockchain technology in payment system

    July 2019

    Updating of partnership program for worldwide healthcare providers.

    August 2019

    Launching of our services on Windows, Android iOS, MacOS platforms with additional features. Token listing on tier-1 exchanges.

    October 2019

    Implementing Augmented reality consultations and medical data visualization. Supporting Tele-Consultations with Augmented Reality.Starting organizing US Telemedical Telecare Centrum. Launching pilot programs of healthcare providers in GCC, UK, France, Germany, Kenia, US.

    February 2020

    Launching commercial programs of healthcare providers in GCC, UK, France, Germany, Kenia, US.

    March 2020

    Launching pilots in other countries especially in EU, Asia, Africa, South America.

    June 2020

    Launching commercial programs of healthcare providers in EU, Asia, Africa, South America.

    September 2020

    Launching North American Telemedical Telecare Centrum.Launching African Telemedical Telecare Centrum

    Project team

    CEO in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 1
    Mateusz Kierepka
    VP in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 2
    Tomasz Kuciel
    Project Manager in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 3
    Katarzyna Trębacz
    Project Manager
    Chief Marketing Officer in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 4
    Suzat Fernandes
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Tech. Consultant in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 5
    Janusz Zieliński
    Tech. Consultant
    Chief Marketing Strategist in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 6
    Garry Singh
    Chief Marketing Strategist
    CRO in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 7
    Sunny Ahonsi
    Strategy and Research in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 8
    Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul Islam
    Strategy and Research


    MD, PhD, FESC, EAPCI P-E Interventional Cardiology in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 9
    Prof. Dariusz Dudek
    MD, PhD, FESC, EAPCI P-E Interventional Cardiology
    MD, PhD Interventional Cardiology in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 10
    Prof. Marcin Kurzyna
    MD, PhD Interventional Cardiology
    MD, PhD Interventional Cardiology in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 11
    Prof. Robert Sabiniewicz
    MD, PhD Interventional Cardiology
    MD, PhD, FESC, FACC Clinical Cardiology in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 12
    Prof. Jarosław Kasprzak
    MD, PhD, FESC, FACC Clinical Cardiology
    MD, PhD Radiology in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 13
    Łukasz Kownacki
    MD, PhD Radiology
    MD, PhD, FESC Clinical Cardiology in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 14
    Prof. Krzysztof Filipiak
    MD, PhD, FESC Clinical Cardiology
    BA, MD, PhD Cardiac Electrophysiology in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 15
    Paweł Balsam
    BA, MD, PhD Cardiac Electrophysiology
    MD, PhD Cardiac Electrophysiology in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 16
    Piotr Lodziński
    MD, PhD Cardiac Electrophysiology
    BE, PhD Simulation Software in Carna Life (CLC) ICO - 17
    Przemysław Korzeniowski
    BE, PhD Simulation Software

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