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ERP-based ecosystem for fiat currency free economy (Tokenomy), crowd manage & audit ICO and DAO projects by implementing smart escrow and innovative “proof of accounting” consensus.

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Technical details

The ERP module includes an intellectual trading robot that: 0. Is able to place tokens-semantic smart contracts in various blockchains. 1. Keeps track of a few blockchains and looks at smart contracts-tokens-Assets with a given semantics. 2. When "seeing" the required token, offers to exchange another robot for its own at a given price. If the interest is mutual, then OK. 3. If that bot does not agree, but ours bot has a request to buy our tokens from other bots that do not suit that, then they are offered tokens of the second bot, either they agree or pass on to their customers. 4. If such a clearing chain is closed somewhere, then OK, we write conditions in the smart contract. 5. If not, the unsuccessful buyer is added to the “queue” for the exchange.

What is Darfchain

Blockchain connection technology with ERP-system: 1. Accounting in crowdprojects and control at the ICO and post-ICO stage. 2. Overcoming the chronic scarcity and uneven distribution of finance DARFChain includes: 1. Distributed accounting without infrastructure investments; 2. The establishment of an environment of openness and trust between the project participants; 3. An opportunity not only to keep a record, but also implement financial transactions; 4. Freemium model at the start, no need to buy the software. Applications: 1. The collective contributions accounting for emission in communities 2. Non-profit projects, commercial, venture startups, startups crowdfundings 3. The management and accounting in distributed projects on the principles of full transparency and provability for participants and investors 4. Local and scalable anti-corruption programs

Token info

Ticker: DARF
Dividends: No dividends.
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, WAVES, LTC
Token distribution:
10% - Team 40% - R&D and technical infrastructure 20% - Investment and legal expenses 30% - Marketing

Darfchain Roadmap


Free download and installation of the module for accounting software (Odoo), with reading and writing transactions in the blockchain

Payment of transactions

The function of conducting a micro-payment on transactions to accelerate the passage of accounting transactions and payments

Storage blockchain

The function of storage block storage and the possibility of cross-transactions with tokens in different blockchains

Direct transfers in accounting

Immediate transfer of funds (tokens) between subjects of accounting with direct reflection in accounting

Role Access

Function of role separation in distributed multi-user accounting

Mobile app and SMS payment

Mobile application-partner and payment of bills via SMS for system participants without smartphones

Multitoken accounting

Pass-through accounting in tokens: each object/subject can have its own account token (currency)

Built-in Exchange

The integrated application - the exchange for the exchange of assets (tokens)

Cash-flow in tokens

Cash-flow and Budget Control in the context of tokens

Procurement Planning

Planing purchases of tokens for settlement.
Robot purchases of tokens for calculations.

Semantic Smart contracts

The designer of smart contracts from accounting entities with a single taxonomy based on schema.org

AI Robots for tokens trading

Robot with AI for execution of smart contracts with unclear conditions


Pavel Vrublevsky
Pavel Vrublevsky
Founder of the International Payment System
Pavel Vrublevsky linkedin
Anatoly Semyonov
Anatoly Semyonov
Egor Ryzhikov
Egor Ryzhikov
Со-founder of Weber CoMechanics (group of companies)
Michael Ermak
Michael Ermak
Senior Product Manager in Pitney Bowes Inc.files/223-1660.jpg
Alexey Alekseev
Alexey Alekseev
Founder and CEO at AITech LLC. Development and marketing
Sergey Stepanetz
Sergey Stepanetz
Expert ODOO, 5 years experience
Sergey Stepanetz  linkedin
Danil Dashkevich
Danil Dashkevich
Community director
Kyrill Rybakov
Kyrill Rybakov
Frontend, Solidity
Kyrill Rybakov linkedin
Alexandra Shakirova
Alexandra Shakirova
Design, styling, frontend
Alexandra Shakirova facebook

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