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Empiric Network is the zk-native oracle, bringing the principles of DeFi to data infrastructure: decentralization, transparency and composability.

Seed Round $7 Million

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Project industryOther
Product typeDeFi

What is Empiric Network

Empiric Network is the decentralized, transparent and composable oracle network, leveraging state-of-the-art zero-knowledge cryptography. We partner with the biggest market makers and the most liquid exchanges who sign and timestamp their own high quality, robust data and send it directly on-chain. Our feeds are already live in public alpha on Starknet, where they are powering the next generation of ambitious protocols such as ZKLend, CurveZero, Magnety, Canvas, FujiDAO and more.

Empiric is particularly robust because it has no off-chain infrastructure, eliminating an entire class of attack vectors. All sources sign and timestamp their data and post directly to Starknet.

Empiric is also built with a system of failsafes and redundancies, including independent implementations and using multiple different infrastructure providers across data partners.


Raised: 7,000,000 USD

Project team

Karl Oskar Schulz
Karl Oskar Schulz
Karl Oskar Schulz linkedin
Jonas Nelle
Jonas Nelle
Jonas Nelle linkedin


Peteris Erins
Peteris Erins
Milan Cermak
Milan Cermak
Aura Protocol

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