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Fusotao (FCFS)


Fusotao Protocol is a verification protocol for order-book based matching systems, using the paradigm of “execute off-chain, verify on-chain”. Founders can build their own DEXs based on Fusotao. Communities can earn rewards by trading on the DEXs or directly staking tokens for the DEXs backed by Fusotao Protocol to share transaction fees.

Fusotao Protocol Raised $2.4M

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol

What is Fusotao

The Fusotao Protocol is a verification protocol for an orderbook-based matching system, using paradigm of "execute off-chain, verify on-chain". Powered by the decentralized infrastructure of Fusotao, trust-free orderbook-based matching systems with zero-cost gas and low latency can be built. Through the method of off-chain matching, the process of order submission, order matching, certification generation and other processes runs on a centralized off-chain server, which enables traders to obtain the same fast and userfriendly trading experience as CEXs. Through the method of on-chain verification, only when the transactions under the chain pass the verification on the chain, will the user's assets on the chain be changed, thereby ensuring the security of the user's assets.


IDO (Luna-Pad Launchpad): Jul 22, 2022 - Jul 23, 2022
IDO (DAOStarter Launchpad): Apr 20, 2022 - Apr 20, 2022
IDO (Poolz Launchpad): Jul 25, 2022 - Jul 26, 2022
IDO (BocaChica Launchpad): Jul 11, 2022 - Jul 12, 2022
IDO (WannaSwap Launchpad): Jul 12, 2022 - Aug 08, 2022
IDO (Skyward Launchpad): Aug 01, 2022 - Aug 06, 2022
IDO (SmartPad Launchpad): Jul 28, 2022 - Jul 29, 2022
IDO (NearPad Launchpad): Jul 15, 2022 - Jul 16, 2022
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 FCFS
Raised: 2,400,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: NEAR

Token info

Ticker: FCFS
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 FCFS = 1.5 USD
Accepted currencies: USDT
Token distribution:
63% to the Community Rewards
8% to the Fusotao Team
12.5% to the Investors
2.5% to the IDO
4% to the Initial Liquidity
1% to the Testnet Rewards
3% to Ecosystem Developers and Marketing
6% to Fusotao Foundation

Fusotao Roadmap

  • The verifier implementation over Substrate
  • Standard matching engine with proving procedure
  • Wallet extension
  • Exchange broker and Web UI
2022 Q1
  • Proving optimization
  • Shared orderbook
  • Cooperation with Octopus Network
  • Testnet online and expand the community. Aim to get 10000 users to participate in the testnet
  • The first order-book based DEX FXDX online
2022 Q2
  • Marketing sub-protocol
  • IDO on Multiple platforms
  • Mainnet launch, a new journey
  • Community governance by staking for more DEX. Make Fusotao a safer, more general, more decentralized and more open financial infrastructure.

Social media

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