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Decentralized Gaming Platform Poker-Room on BlockChain.

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Project industryGambling & Betting
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Technical details

The SmartHoldem gaming platform is written entirely from scratch in C #, JAVA, C ++, with the consensus of early systems. The platform is modified with unique SmartEvents algorithms, new transaction formats and blocks.

What is Smart holdem

The platform combines the concept of BlockChain with gaming technologies:
  • 1. Full transparency of all processes in BlockChain;
  • 2. Statistics available to a particular player;
  • 3. Impossibility of juggling, there is a random generation of the map layout, confirmed by cryptographic algorithms from several sources;
  • 4. The SmartEvents technology with built-in programming language that distributes assets between financial and game mechanics;
  • 5. Reliable tokens provided by the network capacity of the public BlockChain SmartHoldem;
  • 6. All processes are implemented and regulated by the technology of consensus P2P nodes, public BlockChain, GameNet, deterministic algorithms SmartEvents and more advanced modified Proof-of-Stake.

Token info

Ticker: STH
Dividends: 6% of the bank each game is distributed between the holders of tokens & SuperNodes by the new technology SuperBlocks. 20% tournament fund is fairly distributed among the holders in proportion to the generating balance.
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, POST
Token distribution:
62% - ICO tokens 21% of early tokens buyers (before ICO), pre-sale threshold of $360,000 (~$0.00715 / 1 token), in case of not full selling of the “early” tokens, automatically go to the general fund ICO.
3% – ICO advertising in a cryptosystem, bounty
4% – investment advisors
6% – the fund of developers, including future ones, is blocked for 1 year, without participation in PoS
3.5% – funds: SuperNodes, Stock Guarantees, Players Advisors
0.5% – starting balance of the first tournament fund, without participation in PoS

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