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Legal solutions for the crypto community.

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Project industryBusiness Services & Consulting
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Technical details

The ​following ​technical ​components ​will ​be ​provided: - A decentralized application (DApp) for SMS verification and the token launch itself, with its backend code running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network that uses ​the ​Ethereum ​blockchain ​and ​smart ​contracts. - An infrastructure designed for the Parity environment with a backup service for delivering the fastest and most secure way of interacting with the Ethereum network. - SmartOne website with interface to the Parity platform and additional information ​such ​as ​blogs ​and ​live ​support.

What is Smartone

SmartOne’s services include a marketplace for legal advice, automated document preparation and individual legal consulting. The focus is on providing legal solutions for enterprises issuing tokens through TGEs, as well as the automation of documents and contracts for the financial and capital markets.

Token info

Ticker: LGL
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
65% - Public ​contributors 24% - Team, advisors, founders 10% - Institutional ​contributors 1% - Bounty

Smartone Roadmap

August 2017

Legal community platform launch

September 2017

Opening of Crypto legaltech lab in Zug

October 2017

Legal solutions of TGEs available on our marketplace and automation platform (e.g. white paper analysis, Howey test)

December 2017

Additional legal products (e.g. tax advice, regulation & compliance, property protection)

Q1 2018

KYC Automation

Q2 2018

Open source crowdfunding platform

Q3 2018

Automation of processes, legal documents and contracts for the financial and captal markets

Q4 2018

Classification and rating model of token


Extend the marketplace to consumers with our legal app

Date (TBC)

Legal solutions for the financial services industry, crypto banking

Project team

Prof. Thomas Fischer
Prof. Thomas Fischer
Foundation Council President
Klaus D. Stark
Klaus D. Stark
Foundation Council
Klaus D. Stark linkedin
Patrick Salm
Patrick Salm
Foundation Council
Patrick Salm linkedin
Reto Stiffler
Reto Stiffler
Foundation Council
Reto Stiffler linkedin
Christoph Küng
Christoph Küng
Legal Business Dev. Lead
Christoph Küng linkedin
Christian Kläy
Christian Kläy
Law and Regulation Lead
Christian Kläy linkedin
Marco Oesch
Marco Oesch
Technical Lead
Mario Colombo
Mario Colombo
Technical Marketing Lead
Mario Colombo linkedin
Luke Szkudlarek
Luke Szkudlarek
Digital Strategy Lead
Luke Szkudlarek linkedin
David Fariña
David Fariña
Design, Web & Application Development
David Fariña linkedin
Samuel Dionne
Samuel Dionne
Communications Officer
Samuel Dionne linkedin


Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas
Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas
Research & Education Advisor
Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas linkedin
Prof. Dr. Markus Heusler
Prof. Dr. Markus Heusler
Risk & Financial Institutions Advisor
Prof. Dr. Markus Heusler linkedin
Toni Caradonna
Toni Caradonna
Smart Contract Expert & Advisor
Toni Caradonna linkedin

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