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Verasity is a blockchain-based video sharing platform that utilizes a reward system for activity on the platform.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform
FoundedCayman Islands
Hashing algorithmProof of Stake


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What is Verasity

Verasity is developing a next-generation video sharing platform. This platform will empower Creators and improve the experience of watching video online.

There are many existing challenges identified with the online video space today. Verasity’s team of media, technology and blockchain experts are building a new model where Creators and Viewers transact directly on the Blockchain, removing the need for intermediaries. The Verasity Player and online video platform is fully functional and can be seen at: This includes the Verasity Player Wallet prototype.

The “VERA” token is a new medium of exchange and reward for video creation, sharing and viewing across the Verasity community. Anyone watching videos can earn VERA currency. If they choose to watch adverts or share the videos with their network, they will then receive further rewards in VERA. The platform gives Creators and Publishers a variety of monetization solutions to choose from. Verasity’s mission is to help them generate more value from their content. All transactions of the VERA token will be tracked and stored on the Blockchain utilising Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS).

In a goal to bring Creators and Viewers together to support the creation of great video content. “Spark” is a brand new take on a Marketplace where Viewers can fund Content Creators using VERA. Creators can opt to sell a “stake” (VeraSparks) in their channel to finance production of new high quality content. Then those who have supported them can share in their success.

To ensure transparency and integrity for the community, Verasity are developing a proprietary “Proof of View” technology. Every video view will be securely tracked and stored on the Blockchain. This provides the security, flexibility and scale to support a flourishing new environment for Content Publishers, Advertisers and Viewers.

The project vision is for the Verasity Protocol to also be adopted across the wider web and for VERA to become the cryptocurrency to power the future of online video.

Key Takeaways

Verasity fundamentally changes the online video ecosystem and economy in the following ways:

1. Verasity has developed a patent pending “Proof of View” system, enabled through blockchain technology, to provided accurate, secure and auditable audience metrics.

  • Without credible audience metrics, content cannot be accurately valued.
  • 2.Verasity disrupts the commercial dynamic of the traditional media ecosystem by making Viewers the center of all content transactions, and making the transaction direct between the Viewer and other participants in the ecosystem such as Content Creators and Advertisers.

    3. Due to these direct relationships in the Verasity ecosystem, the success of content is determined by the organic consumption/valuation of the content by the viewer community, rather than being influenced by the monetization strategy of a third party.

    4.Verasity encapsulates the whole video sharing ecosystem and economy, for all participants. This results in all value exchange being retained within the economy and community.

  • In legacy video sharing platforms, value bleeds out to the platform shareholders, third parties and intermediaries and therefore devalues the community as a whole.
  • 5. Through the Spark Marketplace, all participants within the economy can provide funding to content channels in exchange for a portion of the channels future revenue. As a result, both active participants within the economy and Speculators (outside of the economy) have additional ways to grow the ecosystem and benefit from its growth.


    Public sales: May 21, 2018 - Jul 11, 2018
    IEO (Probit Launchpad): Feb 28, 2019 - Mar 01, 2019
    IEO (Probit Launchpad): Mar 01, 2019 - Mar 06, 2019
    Total tokens for sale: 6,245,750,000 VERA
    Soft cap: 4,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
    Raised: 4,000,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: USA (Accredited only), Cayman Islands, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen
    Registration country: Cayman Islands
    Office address: Elgin Court, Elgin Avenue, George Town, Grand Cayman KY1-1106, Cayman Islands


    Social media: 49%
    Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 26%
    Other: 25

    Token info

    Ticker: VERA
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 VERA= 0.0106 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
    Token distribution:
    50% - Community Investors
    20% - Team and Founders
    19% - Foundation
    7.5% - Advisors
    2.5% - Referral Program
    1% - Stabilization Fund
    Funds allocation:
    20% - Technology Licenses
    20% - Contractors and Salaries
    20% - Research and Development
    18% - Platform Cost
    17% - Marketing
    2.5% - Legal and Admin
    1.5% - Business Dev.
    1% - Contingency Budget

    Offices on the map

    Verasity Roadmap

  • Founders identified opportunity enhancing how video viewing is incentivised combining video technology and Blockchain
  • 2
  • Test UDP video player with Akamai at 30m+ unique users per month
  • Integrate TCP fallback into the player for seamless use on non UDP-enabled browsers
  • Assemble core team and advisors
  • Investigation into blockchain technology
  • Write and validate White Paper
  • 3
  • Release Proof of Concept for Player with inbuilt wallet
  • Open initial private sale of VRA
  • Creation of Foundation structure
  • Announcement: project, publishing of White Paper & Economic Paper
  • Launch Sale website
  • Open Public sale P1
  • 4
  • Develop and audit smart contract for VRA
  • Design and architecture for Verasity blockchain
  • Develop token sale function on
  • Player function to reward VRA for watching promos
  • Player solution for third party airdrops (GenesisPlayer)
  • Release POC for VRA earning apps for desktop & mobile
  • Close Public Sale Part 1
  • Launch GenesisPlayer in market. Start generating revenue
  • 5
  • Player solution for third party airdrops (GenesisPlayer)
  • Complete back end infrastructure for video delivery at scale (CDN)
  • Expand engineering and business teams
  • 6
  • GenesisPlayer - Rewarded Video Player (Off Chain)
  • GenesisPlayer Library Launch and Exchange Publisher Integration
  • Develop Lightning sale structure into UI
  • Structure GenesisPlayer Library for 3rd parties
  • Master Admin for GenesisPlayer
  • Referral integration into GenesisPlayer wallets
  • Optimise Player for Mobile screens
  • Sell GenesisPlayer for airdrops to ICO projects
  • Release Publisher Partner Program
  • Sign first beta partners for GenesisPlayer libraries
  • Open Public Sale Part 2
  • 7
  • Video Player with built-in hot wallet catering to VRA
  • VeraWallet module for publishers
  • SDK integration with JW Player
  • First beta publishers using VRA
  • SDK integration with Brightcove
  • SDK integration with Video.js
  • VRA Staking Program
  • GenesisPlayer advanced integration
  • Content Recommendation Engine
  • Multi-device encoding
  • Player Analytics
  • List VRA on HitBTC, Probit
  • 8
  • SDK integration with YouTube
  • SDK integration with Twitch
  • SDK integration with Vimeo
  • SDK integration with Kaltura
  • SDK integration with Flowplayer
  • Add AWS CDN compatibility in addition to current Akamai compatibility
  • Rewarded advertising
  • Advertising Monetization
  • List on new exchanges including coinall
  • Onboard new publishers using compatible video workflow
  • Sign several advertising partners
  • Drive press and pr about verasity updates
  • Launch youtube sdk integration
  • Sign world class esports teams
  • 9
  • VRAB in VeraWallet (BNB/VRA)
  • Earn, Topup, Stake, Withdraw, Transfer in VRAB (BNB/VRA)
  • Launch Publisher VRA and VRAB (BNB/VRA) Rewards on Mobile Apps
  • VeraWallet evolution to include VRAB (BNB/VRA)
  • Partial exchange of VRA (ERC-20) to VRAB (BNB/VRA)
  • Sign partners to enable viewers to spend VRA on goods and services
  • Drive wallet usage and downloads
  • Mass awareness campaign for VRA
  • Grow ad campaigns
  • 10
  • Launch on a major exchange
  • Over 100 publishers and/or 1 million viewers utilizing Verasity technology
  • Add donation feature
  • 11
  • Launch additional mobile apps
  • Launch additional publishers
  • Native mobile app for gaming with rewarded features
  • Native SDK for third party publishers that want to mimic our desktop SDK for mobile
  • VPAID tags for desktop publishers that want to add a rewarded ad stack with a complete ad network behind it to monetize rewarded content and ads
  • Hybrid version of rewarded module that allows rewards not only in crypto but also in subscriptions, points, coupons, etc
  • Integrate changelly API for fiat and crypto exchange within VeraWallet
  • 12
  • Launch testnet on new blockchain
  • Launch beta of Proof of View
  • Verafiers software integration
  • 13
  • Launch mainnet on new blockchain
  • View verification (on-chain) - Proof of View
  • 14
  • 1000 publishers and 10 million viewers utilizing the Verasity technology
  • Project team

    Chris Gale
    Chris Gale
    Executive Management
    Chris Gale linkedin
    John Rankin
    John Rankin
    Executive Management
    John Rankin linkedin
    David Archer
    David Archer
    Executive Management and Legal Counsel
    David Archer linkedin
    Max Gutchenko
    Max Gutchenko
    Chief Technology Officer
    Max Gutchenko linkedin
    Robert Keogh
    Robert Keogh
    Financial Director
    Robert Keogh linkedin
    Robert Weeks
    Robert Weeks
    Commercial Sales Director
    Robert Weeks linkedin
    Bhav Seera
    Bhav Seera
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Bhav Seera linkedin
    Paul Reilly
    Paul Reilly
    Content Manager
    Paul Reilly linkedin
    Kyrylo Bybyk
    Kyrylo Bybyk
    Lead Engineer, Blockchain Developer
    Kyrylo Bybyk linkedin
    Dmytro Medianik
    Dmytro Medianik
    High-load Backend Developer
    Dmytro Medianik linkedin
    Anton Lukashenko
    Anton Lukashenko
    Full-stack Developer
    Anton Lukashenko linkedin


    David Rowe
    David Rowe
    David Rowe linkedin
    Scott Brown
    Scott Brown
    Technology and Blockchain expert
    Scott Brown linkedin
    David Orman
    David Orman
    Commercial Advisor
    David Orman linkedin
    Matthew Desouza
    Matthew Desouza
    Advisor, Investor
    Jon Hook
    Jon Hook
    Advertising Technology Expert
    Jon Hook linkedin
    Sangjin Hong
    Sangjin Hong
    Sangjin Hong linkedin
    Christopher Keshian
    Christopher Keshian
    Christopher Keshian linkedin
    Mark Ramberg
    Mark Ramberg
    Executive Management
    Mark Ramberg linkedin
    Joel Kovshoff
    Joel Kovshoff
    Joel Kovshoff linkedin
    Andy Long
    Andy Long
    Blockchain and Data Centre Expert
    Andy Long linkedin

    Social media

    Verasity web-siteVerasity RedditVerasity MediumVerasity TelegramVerasity BTCTalkVerasity LinkedInVerasity TwitterVerasity FacebookVerasity Github

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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