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Wise is a blockchain platform for IoT.

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Project industryInternet & Telecommunications
Product typePlatform
FoundedCosta Rica
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What is Wise


Wise, is an innovative developer of analog-mixed-signal, system-on-a-chip (AMS-SoC) integrated circuits that empower IoT and mobile networks through blockchain technology while introducing a new concept, radio based IoT.

Enigma IC can use Wi-Fi or Cellular networks to communicate with other Enigma ICs. In addition, the microchip can communicate via its own radio waves in a wide variety of frequencies and in locations where there are no cellular or Wi-Fi services. This feature opens an entire world of IoT and network possibilities for remote locations.

Technology & FEATURES

  • Advanced circuitry on a very small die.
  • Very low power consumption, minimal heat dissipation.
  • High performance.
  • Real time operation.
  • The highest reliability.
  • Affordable.

    WRC is a digital token that is created within the Enigma radio system. The token is generated with every radio transmission and is native to blockchain technology. The token enables the purchasing of IoT/Mobile related services available on the decentralized app store to access further capabilities. WRC is created using wide range of sweeping radio frequencies that are encoded to achieve advanced security levels. The WRC opens an entire world of possibilities to provide IoT network features similar to mobile app stores, worldwide.

    Challenges of IoT Solved by Enigma

  • Security
  • IoT has happened to cause major security issues that have grabbed the attention of various public and private sector companies of the world.
  • Device Interoperability
  • IoT will include billions of devices built by a variety of companies that need to connect and exchange data without compromising security standards and overall performance.
  • Privacy
  • Combined with GPS, voice recognition or embedded cameras, this can lead to serious security and privacy threats.
  • Data Reliability/Availability
  • IOT generates a massive amount of data but it’s not efficiently used. IoT devices needs more mobility, computing power and capacity to store data.

    Applications ofWise

  • Autonomous Machines
  • Each autonomous machine is an IoT/mobile device and requires the highest data management and communication security level.
  • Application Template
  • Since the Enigma™ chip is equipped with mechanisms like hash accelerators, hardware wallets, onboard secured memory and an encryption engine; IoT devices will be able to become secured cryptocurrencies operators, implementing blockchain technology
  • IoT/mobile based platforms
  • Enigma™ chip can be installed within military/security applications, AI platforms, autonomous machines and more as a base blockchain IoT processor.
  • DB management system
  • Enigma™ chip can be embedded within desktop, server’s applications, enabling the creation of a new blockchain based database system for a broad spectrum of purposes.


  • Mesh Network
  • Each WISE device invests “listening” time in order to participate in the mesh. Unlike a typical mesh where all components are constantly on, the WISE mesh works with the WISENET™ smart-timing protocol.
  • Advanced Security
  • Each WISE device has a multi-layered security solution that is embedded within Enigma called wEYE. Our multi-layered security solution provides: Connectivity protection, Network protection , ECU protection, Deterministic security.
  • Machine learning wisdom
  • Enigma™ AI is designed to be a machine-learning system – essential to intelligent machines. Sophisticated algorithms let machines understand the virtual environment and make decisions on their own. This will in time decrease the number of programming concepts. Designing these algorithms, and using them in the most appropriate ways, is one of the great challenges in the field.
  • wNet : Proprietary, Private, Secured Communication Protocol, called wNET
  • WISE devices are designed to work together via a private, secure communication protocol. This ensures confidentiality and privacy and creates enormous computing and database power around raw globe. The microchip includes expert system to learn distributed networks behavior, turning them into artificial neural networks (ANN) to increase privacy and security.


  • Government Support
  • Support from Costa Rican the government through free trade zone approval, broker/dealer licenses and former CR president on advisory board.
  • Patented Technology
  • Patent pending technology for using electronic transmissions from radio waves to create digital currency.
  • Partnership with Publicly Traded Company
  • Existing investment from Gopher Protocol (OTCQB:GOPH) and partnership to deploy our microchips in 9400 convenience stores across the USA.
  • 20+ Years Microchip Experience
  • Team has lead engineering projects at Intel, DEC, IBM, and Qualcomm building microchip hardware and software.
  • Revolutionary Microchip Technology
  • First System on a chip (SoC) microchip technology created for blockchain and IoT integration.


    Pre-sales: Apr 19, 2019 - Jun 19, 2019
    Public sales: Jul 19, 2019 - Sep 30, 2019
    Token supply: 45,000,000 WSE
    Hard cap: 40,000,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Registration country: Costa Rica
    Office address: Escazú Business Center 9th Floor San Rafael, Escazú San José, Costa Rica Postal Code 10201

    Token info

    Ticker: WSE
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 WSE = 10 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, Fiat
    Bonus program:
    Private sale - discount 70%
    Pre-sale - discount 50%
    Public sale - discount 30%
    Token distribution:
    30% - Investors (Pre-sale and public sale in private)
    5% - Airdroped to the public
    10% - Reserved for advisors
    20% - Distributed to the team
    35% - Retained by Wise (Business functions)
    Funds allocation:
    8,79% - Technology - Infrastructure & design
    10,41% - Reseach and development
    14,92% - ITO listing on Exchanges
    22,09% - Security reserve (Pairing WRC)
    43,79% - Microship development expense

    Wise Roadmap

    Q1 2016

    Concrete idea, design and prototype of Enigma.

    Q2-Q3 2018

    Wise joins to Enigma project;
    Infraestructure Wise Network.

    Q4 2018

    Private placement of WRC.

    Q1-Q2 2019

    Presale round and public token sale.

    Q3 2019

    The token sale ends at $60M;
    Start development of Enigma chips.

    Q4 2019 - Q4 2020

    Engima Microchip Development.

    Q1-Q3 2021

    Launching of Wise Network and the commercialization of enigma through massive commerce.

    Q4 2021 - Q3 2022

    Launch of Enigma and Wise Network in specific countries of South America.

    Q4 2022 - Q3 2023

    Enigma and Wise Network arrives in Europe.

    Q4 2023

    Analysis of results and definition of coverage strategies in the rest of the world, except Asia.

    Q1-Q3 2023

    Introduction to the continent of Asia, starting with countries from the south of the continent and Japan.

    Q4 2024

    Initiates the development of its own devices and applications.

    Project team

    Pablo González
    Pablo González
    Chief Executive Officer
    Pablo González linkedin
    Salomon Ocon
    Salomon Ocon
    Chief Operating Officer
    Salomon Ocon linkedin
    Ronald Rojas
    Ronald Rojas
    Chief Financial Officer
    Ronald Rojas linkedin
    James Jara
    James Jara
    Blockchain Expert
    James Jara linkedin
    Danny Rittman
    Danny Rittman
    Chief Technology Officer
    Danny Rittman linkedin
    Yos Porras
    Yos Porras
    Creative Manager
    Yos Porras linkedin
    Lorenzo Jiménez
    Lorenzo Jiménez
    Audiovisual Producer
    Lorenzo Jiménez linkedin
    Esteban Castro
    Esteban Castro
    Web Developer
    Esteban Castro linkedin
    Miguel Jiménez
    Miguel Jiménez
    Miguel Jiménez linkedin
    Monica Ordoñez
    Monica Ordoñez
    Human Resources
    Monica Ordoñez linkedin
    Karolina Zeledón
    Karolina Zeledón
    Administrative Manager


    Mauricio Lara
    Mauricio Lara
    Chief Legal Counsel
    Mauricio Lara linkedin
    Dr. Michael Zaslavsky
    Dr. Michael Zaslavsky
    Dr. Michael Zaslavsky linkedin
    Dr. Stoicho Dimitrov
    Dr. Stoicho Dimitrov
    Dr. Elist Ernheim
    Dr. Elist Ernheim
    Dr. Elist Ernheim linkedin

    Social media

    Wise web-siteWise LinkedInWise Twitter

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