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Futurent delivers fractional NFT real estate and a superb blockchain platform for listing & renting luxury goods Metaverse properties.

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Project industryReal Estate
Product typePlatform

What is Futurent

Futurent has partnered with various big strategic partners such as Chainlink to create a rewarding and smooth platform for the users. The project supports three primary sectors of Real Estate, Luxury Cars and Luxury Boats to offer the ability to make safe & secure investments, passive income via rentals, protection using strong privacy measures in DeFi space, and the added advantage of Liquidity for assets in every market.

Users can trade fractional NFT real estate for properties that are owned by Futurent’s legal entity. While the legal entity will retain ownership of the property, the rights will be divided among the investors using NFT Brick. Every fractional owner will subsequently receive revenue shares from renting the property or sale. Moreover, the user can trade the NFT Bricks at any time for as low as $500.

The Fractional Ownership service is currently under development as the expert team at Futurent is relentlessly working to ensure legal compliance and the best rewards. Apart from Real Estates, Futurent aims to apply fractional ownership for the automobile industry as well.


Public sales: Apr 18, 2022 - Apr 18, 2022
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 FUTR
Hard cap: 5,660,000 USD
Raised: 1,880,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Avalanche
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: FUTR
Token price in USD: 1 FUTR = 0.03 USD
Token distribution:
Private Sale rounds - 22%
Public Sale rounds - 3%
Advisors & Partnerships - 11%
Treasury - 15%
Marketing & Development - 8%
Team - 10%
Ecosystem & Growth - 10%
Staking & Community Incentives - 18%
Liquidity - 3%
Funds allocation:
Assets (Real Estates) - 20%
Partnerships & Legal - 15%
Liquidity - 10%
Marketing - 30%
Treasury - 10%
Development - 15%

Futurent Roadmap

Quarter 4 2021
  • Core Team assembling
  • Successful incubation
  • Pre-market research
  • Beta release
  • Strategic planning
Quarter 1 2022
  • Presale Fundraising
  • Pre-launch Marketing
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Testnet release
  • Team/Advisory upgrades
March 2022
  • IDO Launch
  • TBA Soon
  • Launch on Avalanche
  • Staking launch
  • Avalanche Summit Barcelona
Quarter 2 2022
  • Mainnet launch
  • Adding Metaverse properties
  • Community incentives
  • CEX Listing
  • Mobile App release
  • Multilingual support & Global growth
  • Major strategic partnerships
  • Potentially adding networks
Quarter 3 2022
  • Advanced tools & features
  • Major platform upgrade - Futurent 2.0
  • Massive adoption program
  • Advanced legal solutions
Quarter 4 2022
  • Subnet release
  • NFT Bricks upgrade for all users
  • Investment platform for developers
  • Spreading our portfolio globally
  • Adding services (lending, insurance, etc.)
Quarter 1 2022
  • Next level platform - Futurent 3.0
  • Security upgrades and integrations
  • Integrated Mobile wallet
  • Ultimate Metaverse OSS
  • Optimized Staking/Yield program

Project team

Alen Dolsak
Alen Dolsak
Founder & CEO
Alen Dolsak linkedin
Janin Cadez
Janin Cadez
Janin Cadez linkedin
Svyatoslav Shilkov
Svyatoslav Shilkov
Web3 Developer
Svyatoslav Shilkov linkedin
Dario Car
Dario Car
Dario Car linkedin
Peter Merc
Peter Merc
Peter Merc linkedin
Jure Conc
Jure Conc
Jure Conc linkedin
Erik Madarasi
Erik Madarasi
Erik Madarasi linkedin
Dejan Vrhovski
Dejan Vrhovski
Head of Research
Dejan Vrhovski linkedin
Community Manager
Simon Plemenitas
Simon Plemenitas
Market Analyst
Simon Plemenitas linkedin
Oleh Pylyp
Oleh Pylyp
Project Manager
Oleh Pylyp linkedin


Sundeep Siripurapu
Sundeep Siripurapu
Main advisor
Sundeep Siripurapu linkedin
Paweł Łaskarzewski
Paweł Łaskarzewski
Blockchain advisor
Paweł Łaskarzewski linkedin
Nikita Sachdev
Nikita Sachdev
Marketing advisor
Nikita Sachdev linkedin
Main Team Consultant
Kirubakaran Reddy
Kirubakaran Reddy
Real Estate Expert
Kirubakaran Reddy linkedin
Uğur Bingöl
Uğur Bingöl
Marketing advisor
Uğur Bingöl linkedin
Abdullah Abbas
Abdullah Abbas
Strategic advisor
Abdullah Abbas linkedin

Social media

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