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Zuum is a decentralized ride sharing platform
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Nov 19, 2019
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May 05, 2020

ICOs list: Transport industry

Creation of such services as Uber, Lyft, and self-driving cars have skyrocketed the transport industry. There are plenty of blockchain companies that are launching the transport projecs and bring it to a completely new level. The problem with cars is that they cause too much pollution. Many companies are trying to create innovative ways to reduce pollution. They want to clean up all the smog that cars produce on the street, and they will work hard to make this vision a reality.

Some companies are serious about taking the transport industry and creating new ideas to renovate it. For example, there is a bike-sharing company that has made millions in profit. That is a clear example of a firm that is truly committed to giving a lot of value to the token holders. There is also a cryptocurrency company that is implementing new ideas like building a traceability system that will deal with products and materials by taking advantage of the blockchain technology.

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